Hey, i need help!

Im new to this site but im really interested in playing SF3.

Im really crap atm, i don’t know all the abreviated words you guys use so make it as simple as possible for me (:

I need to know the basics to getting into good combos… because my friend just keeps jumping then sweep… it gets annoying. I need to know the basics of just like punching, which kick/punch to use at certain moments to maximize my range area.

Im trying to tech his flying kick which does work, then i go into super but most of the time it don’t work… leveing me with block ( - . - ) i just really want to pwn the crap out of him… ANY TIPS? :wgrin:

learn to block, then punish his sweep.

watch lots of videos of japanese players and you’ll get the hang of it.


For all the lingo and abreviations, you should be able to find most of that on the SRK Wiki. As for beating your friend, just watch some videos, learn the basics to your character, practice on execution for your moves and combos, and practice parrying. Just focus on what your opponent is doing, that way if you see a pattern you will be able to punish.

Thanks for posting everyone, but i don’t quite understand what “punish” means, would somone care to explain?

say for example your friend does up close sweep and you block… the recovery frames are more than the block stun from the move so you have time to “punish” it by doing a move or combo.

so it would go like… c.hk > you block> IMMEDATLY after you block…you do c.mk to lk hurricane kick to hp dragon punch

it’s hard to go from lk hurricane to hp dragon punch tho; i have pulled it off quite alot of the times, and last night i beat him 3/4 :D! But i’m still hungry for knowledge, So teach me more!

its hard to Hp drag punch after hurricane, but what other combos could i do?

i always do Fire ball (in air) Jump forwards he blocks then i Medium kick crouched to lk hurricane then try dragon punch.

What other combos? Thanks for the help! (:

I’ve never really played Akuma, so the best advice I can offer for learning Akuma specific combos and strategies is to look through his forum (which I seen you were posting in, so that’s good), search YouTube for some good match videos, and try SRK’s Wiki which can be accessed through their home page.

Glad to hear you were able to apply all the advice so quickly :tup:. Just keep working on everything and you’ll get it.

It’s so annoying… all he does is sweep. i do moves then he just sweeps me over, jumps towards then kicks in air then button bashes - . - and i can never seem to stop it … Ugh.

i learnt how to teleport too :smiley:

when he’s about to jump over you do this(if you have full meter)
1)down,down,down+3 punches
2)Yell really loud!
3)Start air humping(throw in some booty smacks)


punish just means what it sounds like.

you punish your opponent with a really big combo for doing something stupid, such as whiffing a dragon punch in front of you. Your options are endless! But at low level play, the most common punishes are: throw, dragon punch, and sweep. Avoid these, please.

(: well i bought the game off ebay and it’s here now… i’ve been practisin. Also i know how to do a that demon move… and the ddd+ppp (: so i hope i pwn him next time…

i really need some combos to learn!

i know:

lp/lk x2 > lk hurricane kick > hp dragon punch

thats all i really know for combos, hard to pull off too.

Thanks for help guys! :smiley: Post some combos for me* :smiley:

That doesn’t combo. You need to start it with c.mk/s.mk, c.mp, or c.hp/s.hp

There are a bunch of combos here. Look a little harder next time.

some akuma I was playing on kaillera yesterday got me with this like 3 times in a row :frowning:

he would reset me with jab after a lk.tatsu then would switch timings on a dash so he might end up dashing under me(dash cross-up) or not and would c.short,c.short xx Super.

I think that’s character specific who were you using? It’s rough, but if he went low everytime you can parry down since it isn’t side dependant, or try an uppercut/ex-uppercut if your character has one.

cant play unless you learn buffers: [media=youtube]ek4iOGIk9a4[/media]
mandatory viewing [media=youtube]7KQJonJ6XoQ[/media]

I was either playing alex,ken,or urien. one of those three.I’ll have to go down parrying since alex and urien dont have any dragon punch type moves :(.

I’d say focus on learning good combos and how to rush your opponent down and apply pressure rather than rely on Akuma’s maxed out supers (like the ddd+ppp super you mentioned…I forget the name of that one…and also the Raging Demon). If you focus too much on using those supers, then you’re really going to limit yourself; they’re nice to have incase you get a chance to use them, and some new players most likely won’t really know how to deal with them; but focus on the combos (the link pherai gave you will offer a lot of good info.). As for that I wish you good luck and hope that you’re able to beat your friend :tup:.

Edit: DaemoN_, if you were using Alex I’d say that was probably character specific. If I remember correctly, Alex has a weird falling time so some combos won’t work on him and others will.

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