Hey, I'm new here and would like to introduce myself, as well as talk about fighters

First of all, I’m definitely not your typical Shoryuken user. I’m not really current with the popular fighting games (I’ll get to that in a minute), I’m a rather poor player to be honest, and I don’t choose my characters based on tiers (Though I do acknowledge that they most certainly exist), but I do love fighting games regardless of all that and play them very often.

However, I don’t have any of the current-gen consoles, so I cannot play some games that I would really like to play, like SSF4, Blazblue and MvC2. So, I’ve been instead playing a lot of classic fighters on GGPO, as well as (probably the fighter I’m best at, though that’s still not saying much) Melty Blood Act Cadenza on PC. I’m also quite versed in Jump Ultimate Stars, and am considered to be one of the oldest and most knowledgeable members of the English-speaking JUS community. Hey, I may not be that great at playing the game but damn if I don’t know the ins and outs of the engine. My hands just don’t work fast enough (and that’s pretty much why I’m still a noob-class player in most fighters), sue me.

As for my past as a fighting gamer, I bought Street Fighter II shortly after I bought my Genesis (Though I had wanted The New Challengers but I didn’t know the difference between the many versions so I ended up buying the Championship Edition) and played a friend’s Mortal Kombat 1-3 pretty often as well. I played other games like Clayfighter and Primal Rage during that era, but never really got into them.

I bought Marvel VS Capcom on PS1 shortly after it came out and then after that… Well, I pretty much ignored fighting games for years, up until I got JUS, and my friend pressured me to get Guilty Gear XX#Reload and Melty Blood Re-Act: Final Tuned. But now I’ve gotten back into fighting games and… can only wonder why I ever stopped =/

I’m also really excited for Marvel vs Capcom 3. I need to get a 360 for that, SSF4, Blazblue and MvC2…

For the hell of it, here’s a list of what I play and who I play. The GGPO-supported stuff is subject to change though as I only recently got into it.

Melty Blood: Ciel (seeing as how I based my username on her, and she’s in my profile image, it’s safe to say that she’s my primary character), Kohaku, Maids (As Kohaku), Mech Hisui.

Guilty Gear: Bridget. Always Bridget.

Jump Ultimate Stars: (Keep in mind, JUS has a TON of characters) Dio, Train, Eve, Luffy, Zoro, Robin, Rukia, Bo-Bobo, Naruto, Sakura, Arale, Tsuna, Kagura.

Street Fighter: Sakura (when available, she’s my main), Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Dhalsim, Ibuki (when playing 3S). (I’ve been playing Alpha 2 most lately)

Marvel vs Capcom (1, since that’s all I’ve played): Mega Man, Morrigan, Gambit, Wolverine, Captain Commando

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jotaro, Dio, Mariah

Vampire Savior: Felicia, Morrigan, Hsien-Ko

King of Fighters (2002 is all I’ve played, on GGPO): Terry, May Lee, Mai

SSBM: Young Link, Dr. Mario (Remember, no current consoles, so I don’t have Brawl)

Aaaand, that’s it, I think.

So yeah, I hope I fit in and I hope, if I decide to ask for some matches in something at some point, I don’t get beat too bad. :rofl:

(Also, I watch a lot of Anime/read a lot of Manga, so if you’re into that sort of thing, and are curious about what I’ve seen, my MAL is in my signature.)

Whuddup youngblood

Welcome to the community, 7thHolyScripture, just make sure not to feed the trolls and you should be stellar. Keep a cool, mature head at all times and the denizens of SRK will treat you with some respect.

Just came in here to say daigos dad irl is an awesome user name

And to the OP I like that you put MB first in your list :lovin:

I’ve never got a response like that :rofl:

Of course.

Oh, two other quick questions. I figured I’d ask here instead of making another thread.

  1. Has Shoryuken ever ran a “Bad Games Tournament”? Y’know, something just for fun and laughs. Stuff like Street Fighter: The Movie, Clayfighter, Primal Rage, Shaq Fu, etc? I think that’d be pretty interesting.

  2. Is there a thread anywhere where people can share stories of funny things happening when playing fighting games?

Ya, these things sometimes get run as side events at some larger events.

Yup, SRK.

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Man I wish I was special enough to make my own intro thread on SRK no-one gives a shit about

Yet clearly some people do give a shit about it, why don’t you stop being a fucking dickwad and either welcome the man or not post in his thread at all. Fuck man get the fuck over yourself.

Welcome 7th, ignore the idiots like Tech who try to be as much of a dick as humanly possible on a daily basis because they have nothing better to do with their lives.

This is not the SRK I fell in love with.

This thread is going places.


This thread reminds me of why I made the above posted article in the first place.

hi! I am 3SJ I am from florida and I hate the Ohio state buckeyes.

Well, I didn’t know about that, so sorry >_>

Sounds like you’re like the typical Shoryuken user to me

Ahaha. I was under the impression that SRK was pretty much nothing but great-to-pro level players.

Welcome to shoryuken and i hope that you can enjoy yourself here.

More like, “Guys who think they’re great-to-pro level players” rofl. We all think we’re awesome secretly.

There are pros scattered all around, but especially in the class-specific forums.

Fake it until you make it bro.