Hey I'm new

Hey I’m new on the site I made the profile awhile back but remembered i had it. So yeah how is everyone?:smile:

Rum is damn good.

Pretty bad.
Yesterday I accidentally slashed my tendons pretty badly with a broken beer bottle, thinking I was being attacked by snakes.

I went grocery shopping the other day.

Finally. I can eat stuff again.


Saints or Colts?

If you pick the wrong one I’m stab you to death with a pen. Yes a fucking pen!

I pick Colts >.>

Saints! Runs away

I pick colts >.>

I’ve had it with these motherfucking (monkey-fighting) snakes on this motherfucking (monday to friday) vein.

Loving how no one really welcomes me lol >.>

Honey Bunches of Oats shits on Honey Nut Cheerio’s and Honeycomb’s. This is now one of my favorite new cereal’s, it’s damn good.

What have you done to deserve welcome. To me, existing does not qualify as sufficient. Do something.

What can i do it is just a site dedicated to fighting games i can prove how good i am if you got either HF, MK3, THDR, sf4, or MVC

Hey dude what’s up?

Hey man!

Man how’s it goin???

Hey man how’ve you been?

Hi Sav.

hello Mecha

Heyyy dude

Dude how are ya?

aaah man I’m glad you could stop by!!
v v v

Saints win by 4. You heard it here first.

Good to see you, deadfrog.


show pix of gf, wife, ex, mom, best girl friend

y would i?

y would i?