Hey, I'm takin' 3 requests

Haven’t made stuff for others in a while, so first three to post a request get one. But as usual, there are my guidelines…

-NO “TEAM” avs (Mag, Sent, Storm? No. Just no.)

-NO pr0n avs (basically, all the rules that rook enforces in the pic threads apply here. I’m not going over his head.)

-I will do basic animation, but most of the folks here know my forte is static avs. So if you want something exceptional, you’re better off leaving the animation off these.

-If you already got a av recently, then no can do. I respect all av makers time and effort (since time isn’t something I have a lot of these days) and so should you.

Now that that stuff’s outta the way, have at it.

well dude i would make a request but I already asked Suicidal Grandpa for a captain commando av. If he somehow can’t so it then i’ll request one from u!

Can I get a wallpaper?

Yeah, I suppose I could do a wallpaper, but I’ll need some more info. What’s the size, content and style you need? And if it’s got a subject (aka person) it’d be helpful to provide a pic. :tup:

And no breakin’ rook’s “rules” on the female form, either. Even though it’d be for your PC, it still has to go thru SRK to get there.

have you ever heard of Private Message? :rolleyes:

Yeah I have, but I still couldn’t care less. I never check or send PMs, and I’m not gonna start cause some guy (not saying anyone is though) asks for some half naked chick with her ass sticking out. I’m posting these in the thread, so no nudity, K?

Spits Pieces of Apple on Infini’s pretty boy face*

Half naked chicks with their ass sticking out are cool. I spit on the face of people who do not want to be cool.

Dude, I’m FAR from that…:rofl:

I just get sick of seeing so much of that stuff in IMM. It seems it’s the only reason it’s still around these days…

*takes off glove and bitch-slaps ShinAkumax

Thou hath insulted mine pride! Have at thee!


Hey can you make me a Anji-Mito Avatar if possible all your creativity you make it special by however menas you feel necessary umm i dont know where to find good avatars from so umm yeah i’ll look if you need me to

Yeah, I’ll hook ya up.

So, one wallpaper, one av…

Looks like one to go.

could i get an av of cyclops and my name on it

Oh oh can i have one? Pweeeeeeeesssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee with a cherry on top!

hahaha sup spank long time no see and im still rocking this AV AKA my first AV for Shoryuken you made for me im just now thinking of getting a new one i wanna see what this guy can do

DeathDanceAnji: Here’s your av.


altericee45: Yeah, I’ll do your Cyke av.

MS: Yeah, I’ll definitely hook you up. What did you want in it?

Try using this, if you cant ill find something else.


That’s just Trunks with red hair.

rofl i thought so to, but i cant find a better quality pic.

Yeah, that’ll do nicely.

BTW…Crono owns Trunks. Both characters are cool and all, but Crono is the truth. :tup:

altericee45: Yours is all set.


hey if you can hook me up with this magneto one and put atv on the upper right corner that would be great thx in advance if not then thats kool thank you