Hey Ladies let us discuss our games of the year

Well Sirs and Sirettes, the glorious year of our lord 2011 has almost drawn to a close. Many high profile vidjagames came out this year. What was your favorite? Or perhaps there was an indie title that tickled your penis or fancy. WHY HOW ABOUT WE TALK ABOUT IT

My GOTY is easily Bastion

I tend to give games a bit of a gameplay pass if the Art/Music/Flavor (especially the music/flavor) are really damn good. Bastion had all of these down pat. With a great design, wonderful soundtrack, and the old timey western narrator that tied it all together. But guess what, THE GAME WAS ACTUALLY GOOD TOO. It wasn’t one of those “I think I might be trying too hard to like this game” kind of things that can sometimes happen to me when my subconscious thinks that I am supposed to like a game. I thoroughly enjoyed every second that I spent playing it. They added in enough things to make the game worth playing through a couple times, and recently added dlc that is free for pc, and costs a dollar on xbox since they werent allowed to release it freely on there it seems.

So what did yall like, we saw a good number of sequels that either rose above, or almost hit the expectations that we set for them, or at least it feels that way.

I bought 1 game this year and it was MW3 :bluu:

Ninja Edit: I tell a lie, I also bought 3SO and Worms Armageddon

So Worms was my game of the year

Dark Souls.

Can I pass? I bought a ton this year but eh, none of it blew my fucking mind really. I was going to say Shadows of the Damned for lulz factor.

Dark Souls. Every other game to come this year fucking sucked.

now I am sure “fucking sucked” might be a bit of a strong word, I am sure many passable games came out this year.

Rayman Origins: Great gameplay, music and visual presentation. This is the most fun game I’ve played all year.

If by passable, you mean to say were evacuated from their developers’ bowels, then yes - there were legion.

maybe you just lookin in the wrong places son

binding of isaac, escape goat, dead pixels, these games were some good old times and probably cost me like 8 bucks all in all

was moon diver this year, that game was inconclusively horrible lol

Battlefield 3. It had a super rocky start with battlelog and origin, but once they got to the patching, things seemed to really improve. I haven’t had a problem playing in a while and my rig was notoriously bad for it on release. I will probably catch some flak for this one though lol.

Hmmm I have a couple. It’s impossible for me to nail down just one (But then I’m the kinda who thinks top 10 lists are retarded so take from that what you will) because I like a lot of stuff for various reasons.

Portal 2: Fun clever puzzle designs, witty, interesting, fun dialogue and characters, neat twist on the settings of Portal 1, and the sickest boss defeat ever. Free DLC puzzles to. Just a wonderful package all around. I like the Portal series much more then Half Life honestly.

Shadows of the Damned: Gameplay wise it’s mostly RE4 but refined with movement while aiming an such but playing like RE4 is hardly a criticism. I also like that it had the balls to not include a NG+, instead making you learn how to play effectively each time through. Shit loads of style (Some of the coolest gun designs and reload animations ever) hilarious dialogue, great references and settings. Just an awesome game.

Batman Arkham City. Just an improvement on the original in almost every single way. 5 times bigger, more gadgets, more abilities, huge world to explore. Wonderful experience. I think the only step back from Asylum was the story being less cerebral, but the story was still very good. To bad about the DLC hickup but i was buying it new regardless so it didn’t bother me.

And Bastion for all the reasons Boel said. it’s a wonderful product. Plain and simple.

I’ll probably think of some others but that’s what springs to my mind right away.

Skyrim: Fun game, epic in scope, and it started a really weird meme somehow.

Dungeon Defenders: Indie game I’ve been playing way too much lately.

I need to get Bastion, I’m hearing a lot of good things about it. Hopefully it’ll be featured in the upcoming Steam sales.


i’m going to go ahead and say king of fighters 13 is GOTY for me, since i don’t go nuts on buying games (for example i just play bayo a few months ago). but back on topic, kof13 is solid as fuck imo, and in the era of fighting games looking terrible is amazing in all of it’s aesthetic glory. so that is just the icing on the cake, the cake being the game itself and it being everything i could want in a 2d fighter that isn’t named marvel vs capcom 2.

Skyrim. I need to actually play this during my two days off.

Yeah I get like 11 days off over christmas, so i think I am just gonna skyrim it up.

Ever since 07 there has been a huge wave of amazing “must have” tier games that I’m still trying to catch up on, my cheapass is glad I’m generally too busy to play as much as I want otherwise I’d be broke:lol:

Portal 2, Deus Ex, Dark Souls, Skyrim, Arkham City, BF3, and Rayman Origins are just some of the game I want to get.

L.A. Noire blew me away since I’m a huge fillm noir geek. I really liked how the meat of the game focused on adventure game style detective work rather than running around shooting bad guys for 20 hours which I’m pretty bored of.

Ah yea Deus Ex Human Revolution was awesome. That was a really great game. I need to get the DLC for it, it looked good.

Arkham City gets my vote.

I’m getting Arkham City, MW3, and SR3rd for Christmas. That said, the best game of '11 I’ve played is Dead Space 2.

Streets of Rage Remake - Now my favorite beat 'em up of all time and one of my favorite games ever, I can’t even count how many times I’ve beaten this game since it came out and I play it again just about every week. Anyone who likes beat 'em ups or SOR should find version 5 of this game (which means you have to find a mirror somewhere because Sega had it removed from it’s original site)

Dark Souls - Great combat and I love being able to go pretty much any place you see. Amazing draw distance, but too bad about some frame rate issues at times :frowning: Not really the hardest game ever but definitely a good challenge and a lot of fun. I can’t even enjoy crap like Skyrim thanks to this game.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Mostly great game, especially if you are into stealth gameplay. Even though you can tackle things in many ways, stealth was definitely the best way to do most things, and trying to run in with guns blazing is not quite as fun.

Hard Corps: Uprising - Pretty awesome “Contra” game with a rockin’ soundtrack. Rising mode is a good time with it’s upgrade system and ability to start from any stage. Arcade mode is a good challenge but the game is a bit long for it.