Hey Ladies let us discuss our games of the year

I forgot Dead Space2 came out this year that’s probably my favorite 3d game ever next to Mass Effect and God of War series.

The older I get the more I appreciate a game’s atmosphere and on that front nothing has DS2 beat IMO. The lighting and especially sound design are just so far beyond any other game it’s like they figured out how to combine the creepiness of Alien with the action oriented adrenaline rush of Aliens.

I fully expect DS2 to get more mentions, hereafter. It’s sad for the games that come out in the first quarter. Look at MvC3. Even Capcom forgot that came out just earlier this year.

Arkham City, Rayman for me

Dark Souls definitely. It was mind blasting. Anything can blow your mind, but this game blasted my mind.

The only one I’ve played is Arkham City and I have to say that it was a great improvement to Asylum, but I still have to take into consideration with their DLC issue. I did not like the handling of that and did not support the action by getting the game used and downloading the content off of someone else’s account.

Gonna have to go with Dark Souls too

Tie between Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy 7.

What? It isn’t 1997 you say?

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Catherine did not disappoint.

Dark Souls, OMG. So good~

For some odd reason I thought this was the “Most disappoint game of the year” topic.

Because, I was about to agree with the selection of titles that everyone was posting here (except for dark souls) and make a rage post.

Haha yea I’d like to see you justify that stance with some of the games mentioned in here.

I would go with King of Fighter XIII, probably the best fighting game release that doesn’t have Street Fighter 2 in its title…

Also got Civilization 5 but haven’t gotten the chance to play it yet…I think it may have came out last year though…

I need to play more games

Yea, for someone who didn’t play Demon Souls, Dark Souls came out of left field for me. Very fun game.

As far as shmups go, ESCHATOS. ESCHATOS. ESCHATOS. Especially dat soundtrack. The thing that really gets me is how it transitions to the next areas. It really feels like you’re stopping an alien invasion, rather than jumping from stage to stage.

I haven’t gotten to play all of the gems this year though. Just too many games on the mainstream and indie side to go through.

Weird how Game of the Year threads never mention Witcher 2. Not that i’ve had ever played it, but it’s funny how a few months ago there was nothing but gushing for it, then the ‘best’ game amnesia kicks in when the fall/winter season games ship out like an oscar bait film

I never played Witcher 2 so I can’t say but I remember a lot of complaining when it came out.

Skyrim both the best and worst game of 2011. Best because you end up sinking a ton of hours into it and PC version can be modded. Worst because of all the bugs. So many broken quests.

Xenoblade best JRPG although that came out in Japan in 2010 and won’t be out in NA until 2012.

FG GOTY: KOF XIII. See this isn’t just gameplay satisfaction, this is also fanboy satisfaction. You don’t know what it means to me that EX Kyo has his best theme redone for XIII. Shit blew me away. Sometimes I just leave the game at the character select screen because it looks so damn good. People thought they knew how SNKP would handle K’ and SNKP did even better than that. They took boring ass “shoto” Kyo and made him awesome. Robert Garcia looks as stylish as ever from stance to attacks to the jacket “reset”. Even tracks I weren’t feeling like the Fatal Fury theme and Liz’s team theme grew on me. Visually the game looks so damn good. My favorite character select screen of all time. You don’t just get a hi-res character artwork, you get to see the actual character next to it and what they look like in each color unlike titles like BlazeBlue and SFIV.

I like that every character can blow you up even characters I hate like Chin and Goro. I’m laughing at Yuri having Akuma’s demon flip and all his options. Hell she can even do double air FBs an as EX move. I like the game so much I have to avoid playing characters so that I can focus on the characters I want to learn. An “issue” I haven’t had since Tekken 5. People weren’t kidding when they say it looks damn good with your own two eyes. The only flaw with the game is the netcode really. Saiki isn’t a “true” new character either. Other “flaws” are fan favorites or rather my favorites like Oswald/Gato/Yamazaki/Geese not making the cut. It’s a blast to play. It has the visuals, the gameplay, the music. It’s a FG and pretty much a testament to serious effort.

GOTY(other): I got nothing. I didn’t beat Deus EX HR yet, just started Dark Souls a while ago, and while I did beat Arkham City, it wasn’t good enough for me to call it GOTY.

I forgot to mention, Gears 3 was awesome.

I’m cool with KOFXIII not having fan favorites, since that’ll mean they’ll be in the next ultimate match.

As a matter of fact, if they kept the exact same system (drive cancels, HD, etc.) and just added more characters, I’d be cool with this game for a while. If they included some people from other SNK games like Kizuna Encounter, Last Blade, Samurai Showdown, etc. that’d be great too.

As for my top 5 favs to be in the next KOF:

  1. Vanessa
  2. Yamazaki
  3. Malin
  4. Eiji
  5. Heavy D

I was watching Juicebox on stream whenever he hit an opponent with Robert’s autocombo super. Juicebox popped his collar too. XD

That’s pretty tame for him, lol. He’ll be trying to jump off walls and out of his clothes like Mai in no time.

Forgot all about Dead Space 2 being this year, wow there really were a lot of good games that released this year. Wish some of them dropped over the summer, is all. Aside from Bastion, which I was late on and still haven’t played on Steam. Gotta get around to that.

Toss up between Dead Space 2 and Arkham City atm. I’d go with KoF13 but a) that really just applies to here, and b) the netcode is fucking atrocious.

Is great game, but was the most horrible victim from piracy this year (like 2 million ilegal downloads i think), a shame really.

This is my list:

Battlefield 3
Dark Souls
U3 and GoW3