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Yeah mine is slightly shorter than that :wink: If any of you other uploaders would be up for checking vids before they’re published I’d be happy to reciprocate… Once you’ve watched a video of your own enough times you stop noticing things that would be obvious to someone else! I suppose this applies to things that aren’t strictly errors either, like notable omissions.


Well the problem for me isn’t checking before publish, it’s checking before rendering. I ain’t gonna spend 1-8 hours rendering and have to redo it. IIRC it was ~7-8hours to render Punish Me Episode 2.


Why don’t you just split it up into chunks?


Nothing big, but Momochi going over a few basics and talks about the ultra changes from the recent patch.


“if you delay cancel you can hit meaty. If you do it, you are super cool”



While this isn’t patch 1.04, this is still a great looooong ass set of Kiryu vs. Sasaki. (2hrs worth). Guy didn’t get touched at all for 1.04 so nothing’s changed overall.

EDIT: nvm it’s in the USF4 video thread. wasn’t sure because I don’t remember sitting down for 2 hours watching it.


Rossi Yeung v Dakou in grand finals of some tournament:


Rossi looked hella unfamilar before the reset. Even after the reset he looked so lost on what to do. Then he kinda woke up…then dropped a few ultra chances for either a punish if you have no ultra or he just flat out didn’t go for ultra. (not sure if he knew he had ultra or what.)

I assume he stuck with cr.HP>HP Upper in hopes he wouldn’t drop the cl.HP>cr.mp link since Dakou shown he was going to DP during links.


I think he was just really nervous. Dakou was winning so many games on complete autopilot. Cammy is so brutally dull to watch…


Not sure if this one’s been posted but I’ve only just watched it:




Revised Cody matchup list. After a couple months of playing competitively again and having more experience in certain matchups:

6-4 (Favourable)

E. Honda

5.5-4.5 (Slightly favourable)

Fei Long

5-5 (Even)

M. Bison

4.5-5.5 (Slightly unfavourable)

Evil Ryu
C. Viper
Chun Li

4-6 (Unfavourable)

El Fuerte



C. Viper, Ken, Sagat and Seth could potentially be worse imo but as of now, I’ll leave them at 5.5

Anything you want to question me about, feel free.


Ok I got two questions. 1. I believe you with the Cammy matchup so I want to know how you personally deal with her? and 2. Why do you believe Sakura is an even matchup, just to be curious? I think it’s slightly in Sakura’s favor but maybe hearing from a different perspective will change my opinion.


I kind of left Cammy in that spot as I think it may be a 5.5 as opposed to a 6.

At the beginning of a round I believe the matchup is 5-5:

  • Cody has his bad stone and good normals to keep Cammy out.

  • Cammy has the much better mobility but has to be patient and wait for a whiff punish, at least 1 bar of meter or risk a jump in to get in and start her bullshit.

The matchup completely turns into Cammy’s favour when she finally gets in and from there it’s about experience with her setups and mixing up your defence.

It’s not always good to quick rise if you’ve been hit with a spiral arrow.

It’s also a good idea to mix up delayed wakeup and non-delayed if you get thrown.

Jump back Lp is always a good option if you suspect an EX cannon strike or crouch tech with c.Hp if it’s low to the ground.

Always challenge badly executed dive kicks with c.Lp as she’s minus.

Try to use less normals to anti-air and more EX CU and HK ruffian. These will both beat all her jump ins clean (including EX cannon strike).

EX Zonk isn’t a good option for getting out of Cammy’s mixup game. Try and minimise its use.

As for Sakura, I believe Cody is in a better position in the neutral game:

  • He wins the fireball war with rocks.
  • Easy to react to her fireballs with EX ruffian (Not her EX version)
  • Her attempting to jump over your rocks is a lot riskier than you jumping hers because of bad stones quick recovery.
  • She’s forced to play the ground game which Cody can match her evenly at.
  • HP CU > instant jump forward is a safe jump on her that allows you to constantly put the pressure on
  • OS Zonk beats all her options and, when you get u1, OS u1 beats everything so she’s forced to stay put.

It’s even because when Sakura does finally get in (like almost every other character against Cody) she can wreck him due to his bad wakeup options.

He does however have one good option against her pressure:

  • If she ends a blockstring in EX Tatsu or Lk Tatsu there’s almost no reason to not do a C.Lk. It’s 3 frames and will trade at worst with any normal she throws out (don’t attempt this if the Lk Tatsu is meaty on wakeup. Trading with her Cl.Hp is no good)

Then the general mixing up your defence, throwing out some EX CU, back dash etc.


Sakura’s farLK is really good against Cody and her focus goes over crLK that can be really hard for Cody sometimes. Her corner pressure is far better than Cody’s but otherwise I pretty much agree with your points on the MU. The EX CU is good vs her, but backdash? Sakura can punish that with a walk forward or OS DP. Heck if she is close enough her sLK or sHP will punish a backdash when just frame trapping. She does tatsu - clsHP and you do backdash her sHP will sometimes tag you or she might get farHP instead. A decent trade off sometimes but a trade none the less. EX CU getting full invincibility is quite good vs her, main thing I really still hate vs Sakura is her NJHK and FJ HP blow up so many of Cody’s defensive tools and footsies tools in neutral even.

Cammy’s EX Spiral Arrow and ultra 1 (with proper reactions) blow up badstone/fake badstone if the Cammy is good. EX CS is hard to anti air in neutral if cammy is using it properly, it’ll blow up most anti airs except a super early HK Ruffian or EX CU which will trade usually. If close enough she can do EX CS and beat both (Avoid HK Ruffian and beat EX CU before tornado comes out but avoiding the intial punch part) but it’s hard to do and usually loses to jump back LP. Jump back LP can sometimes even trade at certain angles (plus it puts you towards the corner which you don’t want.That said jump LP is rarely beaten it just CAN trade on rare occasionals. Honestly I think that the only time Cody is even close to even in the MU is before Cammy gets her first bar, after that it’s all majorly down hill.

Problem with crouch tech HP with Cammy (unlike say Rufus or Yun or Ibuki) is that the risk is so much higher if she lands the EX CS or back throw, plus her normals are much better at blowing up a crHP if she choose NOT to go for an EX CS. It’s still something worth throwing out occasionally but it’s gotta be a calculated risk.

Cody can do ok in neutral till she gets her first bar though. HK Ruffian trading with a jump in / CS can often allow MK Ruffian. If she tags you with crMK xx Spiral Arrow from a F+HK (which happens a lot due to Cody’s low body invincibility being not terribly long lasting or high off the ground.) you’ll actually recover in time to punish the spiral arrow depending on the version she used.

I really don’t agree with Chun/Dan/Oni/Poison placements otherwise I think it’s pretty good. Personally I think Cody has a couple matches worse than 6-4 but most people don’t use anything worse than 6-4 with 7-3 being reserved for stuff like Blanka vs THawki n 2012 these days :confused:

I think Yun is harder than Elf personally. Cody is one of the best at punishing Elf’s mistakes even if footsies and knockdown stuff are hard vs Elf if he does screw up you make it really hard on him, still a tough MU. I think Guile is a little easier in USF4 thanks to the badstone changes but it’s one of the matchups where the 1.04 loss of projectile invincibility on EX CU actually hurts. I think the perfect L2 HP Badstone could be useful in the MU at certain ranges you could use it to force a Sonic boom and you’d recover so fast you might be able to EX Ruffian before Guile recovers.

Rolento I think is pretty even until Rolento gets you near the corner where he can run a train on you. Makoto I think is about even but maybe a tiny bit in Makoto’s favor due to better tools and corner carry but the matchup is so momentum based and Cody’s knockdown pressure can be solid vs her (though the loss of throw invincibility on EX CU does hurt some of his knockdown OSes vs AE2012).

Why do you think Rose is favorable beyond the zonking between her block strings being really good? You can’t OS her on knockdown completely anymore and her footsies were always kind of tough for Cody.

Also I’d personally move Bison up to the 5.5-4.5 spot.


I’d put Rolento and Makoto as even. Makoto has to be on point at all times. Otherwise Cody can do whatever he feels. But when Makoto gets the knockdown and you make a wrong guess, might have just lost the round.

Rolento is somewhat the same except he’s not doing big damage and big stun to end the game. Just lots of mixups. Doesn’t help he also both ultras are 7 frames. Knives can pose a problem at times but nothing too crazy.

This is just me but i’d move Viper, Dudley and Elena to even. cr.MK saves cody in the viper match to the point she can’t do mindless burn kicks all the time. F+HK now being airborne also means Viper can’t mindlessly poke away full screen with ground pound. jumpback j.LP helps also to control the air along with cr.MK, HK ruffian, sometimes cr.HP.

Elena is a matter of knowing the spacing and range for EX scratch wheel so that it’s not abuseable when she has meter. Also making sure you punish hard when you do block unsafe specials. You can focus backdash all non EX scratch wheels and punish her for it or s.LP her out of it on reaction.

Dudley I’d agree on only if he didn’t need meter for his explosive damage. You’re both playing the same game in the long run. Cody has cr.lk to keep ducking approaches in check. He also doesn’t need meter to do big damage. Dudley has the buttons to pressure you to hit a button and the knockdown game. There’s also s.HP.

That’s all just me though. Pretty sure most won’t agree and i’m fine with that. Didn’t add anything with the knife because lol. I’m pretty much still at the point of “Can cody get out of vortex pressure even with DWU?” as the standard for his tiers since Cody’s wakeup options being so bad, he can lose simply off of one knockdown unlike other characters.


I find Viper’s new crMK quite annoying personally, and crMKxxMP Thunder Knuckle is pretty safe even if she resets you from a F+HK though you can zonk between it if you are storing it, the problem being if she does crMK - Feint you get punished. Cody’s crMK I 100% agree is really good in the MU and a saving grace it can even avoid her overhead, she has to time her burn kicks pretty late to beat a crMK. In USF4 viper’s haven’t really been utilizing her EX RF combos which I think in this MU especially are good for her. She blows cody up hard if she gets him anywhere near the corner I think, and his wakeup buffs do jack in the MU because she is all about the crossup or being directly overhead and that is pretty specifically Cody’s completely blind spot on wakeup. I find there is like a sweet spot in the MU where Cody is very effective at controlling Viper’s options on the ground and can react to her taking to the air. Sadly this sweet spot shrunk a bit when she got the crMK buff.

I dunno how I’d rate it tbh, I feel like it’s unfavorable in most situations but Cody isn’t like helpless or anything unless he is in the corner and/or knocked down, and his crMK is really such a good tool in the MU it’s amazing.Another spot crMK is useful is because Viper sticks out her leg surprisingly far during the startup of seismo so you can catch it with a crMK from farther than you’d expect.


I wanna say that if Dieminion says Japan has known about Momochi’s tech for a long time, then Momo has been using this tech even when he was using Cody! In place of a dp, he would use ex criminal upper back when it had strike/throw invulnerability. I’d have to check back on his cody footage but there were definitely times where he walked up on an opponents knockdown and did what seemed to be a raw EX CU. I’m trying the tech now and it would work still if only they hadn’t taken off the throw invul (and better pushback on block)


first time uploading to YouTube, recorded with an iphone, it’s all I have! And sorry about the angle, I had no stand for my phone to record, lol

So the tech actually works with Cody still!

In order, Ken is trying to crouch tech, delay crouch tech, stand tech & finally reversal dp.