"Hey! Let's do this for real." Concept/Discovery/Match-up Videos



damn didnt read below the video lol. Even better :slight_smile:


Just more the reason to run W Ultra on Chun really.


Not a big fan of reduced damage on cody. only thing i can think of using is st.lk os u2


You already outdamage Chun even with reduced Ultra damage. It’s a matter of footsies in that match anyway.


Surely Cody gets wrecked by Chun in the footsie game?..


He does.


I have a rookie question how can you tell bad stone and zonk levels


bad stone is level 1 if he says “haha”. zonk depends on how long you charge so you need to pay attention how long you’ve charged


Cody knife concept stuff:

Vs Most characters you can do a crLP post L3 Zonk for an extra 40 damage without using any meter like you often have to do with zonk juggles.
Vs some characters with higher floats or with larger bodies you can change this to a crMP (example on Gief or Balrog) for 80 damage instead.

EX Zonk w/o FADC allows a followup, usually something you only get with EX CU near the corner. Vs larger body characters you can do a sHP even mid screen for an extra 120 damage. Everyone else you can do a crMP.

While these set the opponent full screen away (helpful vs grapplers sucks vs most everyone else.) usually with a knife you’re pretty limited on your mobility as well as ways around projectiles thanks to lack of badstone or focus attacks. Thus utilizing zonk properly while holding the knife I feel is pretty important and this gives you a bit more damage in fairly common situations.


Does crack kick > U1 work on more characters now? I was just messing around and I don’t remember it working on sagat, yun, yang or hakan.


Here’s an old vid that lists the characters it worked on in AE. Sagat, Yun, Yang and Hakan are all listed.


Wow, thanks, I remember that vid now but don’t remember the list being that long! cheers



Nice vid, like most of yours it’s already featured on SRK!

Y’know, I think that the Cody community might be the biggest lab rats and most obsessive players these days. I’d have said makoto back in AE but Makoto players have dropped off a bunch though VRyu still is crazy. Tons of regular posts in this section unlike other character sections and at least 2-4 people regularly put out videos.


I’m glad that there are a bunch of lab rats in this Cody community. More info to take in and share with other Cody players. Great vid by the way, I didn’t even think of charging Zonk during E.Ryu’s Ultra 2.


Whoever is posting them only does it when it’s a Cody vid. The Cody illuminati… :wink:

Yeah, it’s cool. I guess it’s sort of self-perpetuating - people posting videos encourages other people to post videos, and so on. I know when I see other people uploading it reminds me how long it’s been since I’ve done anything!

Incidentally this vid has a glaring error in it which a couple of people alerted me to on YouTube. I’ll post another vid to correct it as soon as I get the chance.


Here’s the vid with the correction:


I noticed that right away and my first thought was what about forward/neutral jump HOOOWWEEVVVEEERRR technically you were correct. You said Cody cannot jump “away” which only would imply a back jump. :wink:


That bit might technically be correct, but the previous slide that says there is no escape without meter or Ultra is wrong! The weird thing is I’ve never seen anyone, pro or otherwise, jump to avoid Evil Ryu’s U2. If so many people know it’s possible, why aren’t they doing it? :wink:


Grounded - video was awesome. Kudos. Wish I had more time to play and be a lab rat, and maybe I wouldn’t just cr. HP -> HP Crim Upper for every punish ever :expressionless: