"Hey! Let's do this for real." Concept/Discovery/Match-up Videos



Thanks for watching it :slight_smile: And you’re not alone with cr.hp > hCU - just pick a Cody match at random on YouTube!


Lots of stuff people ‘know’ about they don’t do. Lots of players know you can crouch tech with a jab to blow up some dive kicks or if you have a 3F jab or get a better combo out of a jab than crLK.


True, but that at least has some executional requirement. If you can’t hold up on the stick you probably shouldn’t be playing the game :wink:



Fun gimmick setup: EX Ruffian - Taunt (any) - FJ MK (Canceling the taunt). It’ll make a bunch of DPs whiff, can screw up inputs sometimes if someone uses QCF/B for a DP (like Viper) and is a 7F safe jump. Doesn’t work on opponents who the EX Ruffian slides under like Sagat.



Surprised it didn’t include any double L3 Zonk combos with LP charge and HP charge and an FADC.


Maybe I’ll do a High Stun Combos Revisited Revisited some day… :wink:


Thinking about it, how would you achieve that given that you can’t combo into L3 Zonk without having HP free? I guess you could maybe do lv3 focus > l3 zonk > fadc > l3 zonk > ex CU on some of the higher juggling characters, but I don’t think that would work out higher than 800 stun…

Edit: I can’t even get double l3 zonk working on Balrog or Seth. Are you sure it’s possible without them being airborne?


Dunno about grounded but airborne yeah. You can do L3 -> L2 for sure though on a number of chars grounded. I was just saying in general though no Double L3 Zonk combos.

BTW: NJ HP - clsHP - crHP - L3 Zonk - FADC - EX Ruffian - EX CU works and is stylish.

Not particularly high damage but you can do knife throw - EX Ruffian - EX Zonk (1hit) - EX CU if spaced. (326/435)

I dunno how many characters this is possible on but on THawk with very careful spacing in the corner this is possible:

L2 (or L3) PBS - L3 Zonk - FADC - L2 Zonk - EX CU. 406/646 stun (or 416/656 if you use L3 PBS obviously).


I didn’t include any combos that were less than 800 stun. Also just remembered that all regular Zonks do the same stun anyway, so it wouldn’t make any difference to any of the combos in the vid.


I’m sure you could have found something creative with PBS that is high stun. The first combo I listed is over 800 though I can’t remember exactly how much.


I wish I’d included that Poison one from your vid: CH c.hp xx exBS fadc cl.hp cl.mp c.hp xx l3ZK exCU


If you think of enough to revisit the concept, throw it in.

Here is a few to get you started, I don’t remember seeing it in there:

NJ HP - clsHP - crHP - L3 Zonk - FADC - EX Ruffian - EX CU = 544/880 (if you do this one with Cody’s back to the wall it’ll carry almost exactly to the positions characters are with the round starts, just a little bit less.)
NJ HP - clsHP - crHP (Hold LP+HP) - HK Ruffian - FADC - EX Zonk - EX CU = 516/855 stun.
FJ HK - clsHP - clsMP - crHP (Hold LP+HP) - HK Ruffian - FADC - EX Zonk - EX CU = 496/865 Deejay/Poison only I think


Hey guys, I’m new here (from Germany) and main Cody for a couple of months now. Great to see there is still a lot of discussions in the Cody forums.
I have a couple of questions regarding Packz93 post.

Lp Shoulder ist not punishable once cody is in the corner right? I couldn’t manage to hit Yun in this situation.

Could you describe this setup in detail please. It’s new to me. Thank you.

Again could you describe the safe jump against C.Viper after Hp CU and the OS EX CU in detail. It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Explains everything. So Codys bnb safe jump after backthrow only works against 5 frame dp, correct?


Hi Shin Oni,
could you explain this OS in detail. So after achieving a knowdown on Rose how does the OS work. Cr. Lp, Cr Lp + MK?


As far as I know there is no distance crLK wont punish LP Shoulder but there are ranges where if you don’t time the 1F punish perfectly it will whiff instead of being blocked.

Not sure about the unblockable he is talking about but if you do EX Ruffian - Dash - Dash - FJMK or FJHP in either corner vs Sakura you will in hit in front but land behind (IE She has to hold back to block but you land behind her after wards.) If you delay the jMK just slightly youll end up doing an actual crossup instead of a fake crossup.

After a HP Criminal Upper you wait just a very VERY slight moment and then do a forward jump HK it will be a safe jump (if she does nothing she is forced to block the FJHK, if she does a reversal you will block it.) If you input EX CU during your jump with proper timing it instead of blocking when the jHK whiffs you’ll do an EX CU. If the jHK hits/blocked nothiing happens. OS EX CU will end up beating her EX DP and catch her backdash.



Thanks for your reply Eternal. Will try these in training mode today.


I thought she was one of the characters you could auto-safe jump after HP CU without waiting… ?


Wasn’t working for me when I tried it every time I could walk backwards out unless i very slightly delayed it. Maybe I screwed up or something.

Edit: I see what I was doing, I accidently was delay teching. If you do an immediate jump forward a delay tech can make the FJHK completely whiff. After testing some more, it’s also quite easy to delay tech the landing of HP CU. Normally I have some trouble with many knockdowns but I’m able to very very consistently time the tech to wakeup on later frames and make the safe jump whiff and thus end up blocking + punishing the EX CU. If she delays the quick rise long enough she can actually rise up - reversal EX DP and it’ll beat the OS EX CU still. Even with very little practice (literally less than 10-15minutes) I was able to do a proper delay QR about 50% of the time.

Though this is an issue with any quick rise safe jump, I found it easier with CU than some other QR safe jumps. Not A LOT but easier. Probably because of the extra time given to prepare for the timing required.