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Guile match-up knowledge acquired. :slight_smile:




@GroundedSF should have included this combo on Sakura

CH clsHP xx EX Badstone - clsHP (meaty) - crHP xx delayed HK Ruffian - EX Ruffian - EX Criminal Upper can’t remember exactly how much damage but it does 500+ and 950+ stun.

Also on Akuma you can do CH clsHP xx EX Badstone - F+MP - clsMP - crHP xx delayed HK Ruffian - EX Criminal Upper for a 1 touch stun.



I’m sure there’s loads of stuff you can do but this was deliberately bare bones. Didn’t know you could get meaty cl.hp on Sakura after EX rocks though.


Yup, very spacing specific but you can do it.


Question about the j.HP / j.MK setup after EX ruffian. Ive been trying to recreate this setup in training mode, but it seems like I can block the j.HP by pressing any direction on wake up; pressing forward on wake up blocks the j.HP. Can anyone help me out with this set up? Also is it character specific to sakura only?


I’m somewhat sure that j.fp setup on Sakura specifically is all-blockable. I’d have to test that out for you later unless someone can confirm or deny soon.


I realized while working on the wiki that I fucked up my math on PBS

L2 PBS is actually 48F total

I forgot the button release: derp.

22F Charge hold -> Release button 23F -> Badstone active 15F later = 38F startup + 10F recovery = 48F total. So a PBS is identical in total frame count to a L1 HP Badstone but the difference in startup / insane recovery still makes it a very good tool.

Easiest way to test this is if you do a PBS and have opponent do a L1 HP Badstone at same time and jump they’ll jump at same time.


So what would be the equivalent breakdown for L1 HP stone?


Hmm now I’m wondering if I was making a mistake in FT3 or something. L1 is 20+9/20F recovery (48F total). Maybe you can test it for me, I’m running on fumes at the moment with no sleep so I may have made a mistake. Whenever I do it in FT3 it requires 22F of charge - release button on 23 - then 15F from there it hits and 10F recovery and it syncs up with L1 HP Badstone.

When I look at the decapre.com video it looks like my original math should have been correct with 22+15 / 10F recovery though if you look at the level 2 LP Badstone they use it shows up as 22+9.

Would you test it for me to make sure? Maybe I was second guessing myself incorrectly this time.


I would… if I knew how. What’s FT3?


Frame Trapped 3.

Also you could test it via whatever method you currently use for macroing inputs and frame counting.


I don’t do either of those things!


Most of the time I don’t unless I need to be very precise consistently. You should use all of the tools available to you though. You could simply try and do a perfect badstone and test it yourself via trial and error.


Normal attack ranges when hitting a standing Ryu as training dummy with idle animation looping first frame to prevent variation. Note this is max range, so not the first frame they hit on some.

FarLP - 1.644
FarMP - 1.88
FarHP - 1.796
FarLK - 1.725
FarMK - 1.825
FarHK - 2.283
crLP - 1.485
crMP - 1.721
crHP - 1.695
crLK - 1.710
crMK - 1.949
crHK - 1.847

B+MP - 0.982
F+MP - 1.877
F+HP - 2.200 (1hit) 2.188 (2 hits)
F+HK - 2.344

ksLP - 1.771
ksMP - 1.989 (1 hit) - 1.988 (2 hits)
ksHP - 1.968
kfarMK - 1.975
kcrLP - 1.646
kcrMP - 2.095
kcrHP - 1.567

Focus - 2.291

Dudley’s crLP actually reaches farther than Cody’s if you can believe it, though it’s only ever so slightly. Rolento’s crLP reaches nearly as far as Cody’s slide at 1.928 and Elena’s crLP reaches about as far as Cody’s farMP at 1.864.


As usual, please just point out anything you see whether it’s something major or minor! Thanks!


Jesus, I always keep thinking this is the critique thread.


I wouldn’t worry about it - any post in these forums is welcome these days :wink:

vs Julio:

I’m sure you’ve already noticed this yourself, but Julio has a pretty obvious habit in this set whereby he backdashes or focus backdashes after every blocked cl.hp. Obviously Cody has no safe options to discourage this but sometimes I think it is worth the risk to try with raw ruffians or cancelling from cl.hp or a string into ex rocks. In the end you seem to stop going for cl.hp as much so he got dual benefits of escaping the situation and discouraging you from using one of your best normals!

At about 2:30 you could kill him with an fadc combo, which although expensive is always worth it in my opinion, especially against a character like Yun who can turn the tables on Cody very quickly. After the throw you then seemed to be caught in two minds about the chip out and end up missing it on the knockdown. He had no meter or ultra so I’m not sure you were ever in any danger! It worked out in the end but you ended up spending 2 bars for nothing.

Around 3:15 you make him whiff exDP into the corner. The cl.mp to c.hp punishes were crispy throughout these matches, but I think I would have preferred a corner combo. cl.mp c.hp xx exRK is 274 and cl.mp c.hp xx lCU exCU is 352, or even cl.hp c.mp xx hRK hRK is 310. You also built the 2nd bar with the first hit so you could have comboed into ultra to put him at death’s door. Of course I’m sure you must play against him pretty frequently so maybe the throw bait setup was based off of previous stuff, I’m just going off this vid alone. Either way I definitely don’t like the jump back afterwards to let him out of the corner!

4:50 when you got the raw jump-in with the knife into red focus could have been simpler/beefier. The jump-in definitely looked deep enough for double kc.hp and then you’re looking at 500+ damage with red focus follow-up. The combo you did was nice and swaggy though :wink:

The failed safejump (is that normally even a safejump?) at 5:40 was a killer. Completely switched the momentum in his favour and then he got the free command grab combo (so dumb!) and then empty jump low for the stun. Unlucky on the ultra drop but it would still have been tough to come back from there.

Overall you played well. Got a bit lucky a few times - Julio missing two raw exCU jump-in punishes for instance - but at that same time were unlucky in a few vital moments too. I think one of the biggest take-aways from that set is the failure to combo into U1 once. IMO vs Yun you have to make this a priority because it just melts his health bar away and drastically reduces the number of times you have to actually hit him in open play! Sometimes it’s even worth settling for lp rock > U1 off a focus crumple backdash. It also reduces the need for all the riskier max damage 1-frame link combos, although to be fair I don’t remember you dropping a single one! ggs


I totally agree on everything! The 5:40 failed safe jump was me going for a manually timed safe jump. Pretty late on it because he even delayed his standing. I went for the ex ruffian ender in the corner because I know that he knows that I have an unblockable on him. I wanted to stay on the same side and see if he’d upkick or something. He knows that match up so well because he himself played a bit of Cody and because he regularly plays BJ and I. I honestly would rather face Ricky. I do need to be creative with trying to land U1 though. Hell, even crack kick > u1 works, I tried to land it a few times. Thanks, Grounded!