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Not much to say about the Sakura match that isn’t obvious. I think it’s important to check her abusing focus to get in with Zonk, and counter focus is definitely not good in that MU. At 6:15 when you get him with the raw EX Zonk and then do the 3 jabs on block you should definitely be thinking that his go to option is going to be low forward > dp fadc when he’s got 4 bars, so walking forward after the jabs is not a good idea. I would be content to stay at that range for a bit, or even move back slightly because there’s very little she can do from there without taking a risk (pretty sure you can dash > EX ruffian to catch her if she air tatsus out?..). Not sure if red focus might be an option to bait that in that situation - would she get crumpled during the forward dash or would the focus release be too slow? In any case it would be an expensive gamble but sometimes that’s worth it if it makes him question his default options. The last round is pretty much why Sakura is a better character than Cody :wink:

It’s good to see a dedicated Cody other than Packz appearing in streamed locals regularly. Seems like Chin rarely makes an appearance these days and after that who else is there? Obviously BJ is spending more time as Guy now too - must have been satisfying to turn him off the mirror after 1 game!


Made a picture of all of cody’s hitboxes for far/crouching normals.


Note I didn’t always take the farthest it can attack, so for instance crMP on later frames reaches farther than crHP but on the early frames crHP reaches slightly farther.

What this highlights fairly well is that Cody has a distinct problem with jump ins aimed at about a 45º angle towards his chest/head but otherwise he covers everything. His fast normals (farLP, farLK, crLK, crLP, crMP each cover different heights in front of him but similar distances making them unique in their usefulness.

I feel like farHP and farMP are underutilized among Cody’s normals. FarMP is his 3rd farthest reaching normal (crMK and farHK farther) and it does a respectable 90 damage. FarHP I’d like to see people explore more in some matchups.


Nice one. Far MP is good but I always find it irritating having to go to neutral to use it!


This is pretty sweet:


Dem juggles though! :wink:


I wonder how meaty the LP CU last hit is and if it’s possible to delay quick rise long enough to make it whiff.


I don’t think it is. What’s the most you can delay the quick rise? It would have to be more than the invincible frames of EX messiah, which according to the wiki is 13.


Tested it, it’s possible to delay QR long enough to beat the LP CU, not even particularly difficult to do. You don’t need have to have it be longer than the iframes of EX Messiah you just need to be able to delay it longer than the remaining active frames of LP CU’s last hit since LP CU is hitting on the last hit under normal circumstances.

I think you can delay up to 4F but I dunno exactly off the top of my head, feels a smidge longer than that to me.


Interesting. When you said ‘make it whiff’ I didn’t think you meant through EX messiah, I thought you meant whiff in general. If he doesn’t have meter then presumably he still has to block CU even if he delay quick rises?


Yeah I realized after I posted the video my original post might have been unclear, heh. Anyways yeah if he doesn’t EX Messiah or EX Snake Strike (which is punishable but just saying it makes CU miss) he has to block 2-3 hits. However it’s worth noting you are in range of U1 or U2 when doing this setup. In addition, in a frame perfect scenario Rufus can actually punish you with a crLP if you do the crHP - HP CU from as close as possibl without a jump in, I.E. just walk up till you’re pushing Rufus and do crHP xx HP CU and this is with Rufus quick rising as fast as possible.

It’s SUPER hard to do by hand, it took me dozens of tries to get it once but when doing it with tool assistance I got it every time so it wasn’t a fluke.

Also I did some tests and unless I screwed up it looks like you can delay quick rise as much as 10F


Yeah obviously both ultras will beat it and so will red focus. I wonder if there is a middle ground then where Cody can delay the CU long enough to beat both normal and delayed quick rise. You’d think it must be possible given the number of active frames. Of course in that situation you would presumably get more than 1 hit and juggle possibilities would be reduced.

Did you try out delay quick rise with the corner setup? After heavy CU backdash then light rocks.


As far as I can tell HP - HP CU - Backdash - LP Rocks isn’t a meaty setup in the corner. I can do Rufus’ farMP and beat the rocks if I QR as fast as possible. You sure that is the right setup?


Yeah he can, but don’t you think it’s kind of counter-intuitive to do that on the fly? You can also do mp CU instead which will be meaty and also beats messiah, but it loses to delay quick rise messiah.

I was just trying mid-screen hp CU > t.mp > mp CU and it seems to beat both regular and delay quick rise > messiah. Can you confirm?


Of course it’s counter intuitive but I thought you were testing a meaty setup, my point was it’s not meaty there is at least an ~8F delay before it hits.

As for your combo, using tool assistance for both Cody and Rufus: 4F window Rufus can quick rise and EX Messiah will beat MP CU. In addition no matter when Rufus quick rises, if he stand OR crouch blocks you’re in range of FarMP and if he crouch blocks you’re also in range of FarLP, both of which lead to EX Galactic Tornado - EX FADC - Ultra if the guy is confident in his execution.


No, it was in the notes for the original video as an alternative setup to bait/beat messiah.


I didn’t read the notes I only watched embedded. Anyways you can delay the wakeup ~5F and beat the fireball with EX Messiah


I did the same thing I did earlier but I screwed up the brightness so it’s a little harder to see, my bad.

Here is close normals and knife normals (excluding farMK difference, forgot to do it)

Interesting to see how much forward Cody moves when he does closeHK, it’s probably part of why it’s not that great vs crossups.


Great stuff. If only it went a bit further those beefy double kcrhp combos would be a lot more common :wink:



I got more requests to do Evil Ryu than any other character, and now that I’m done with the video I don’t understand why. The match is really straight forward. If it wasn’t finished, I might have just scrapped it tbh.