"Hey! Let's do this for real." Concept/Discovery/Match-up Videos



Nice one. Saves me bothering to record vid about punishing hop kick xx ex air tatsu :slight_smile:


Yeah since it basically requires a jHP/HK vs many chars. Again makes me wish clsMK was a command normal so you could do crHP -> MK -> Criminal Upper. Even better if sLP was +7 >_>


Never seen this pass-through before…


I have seen it before actually. A while ago but can’t remember when exactly, not common to see.


I was definitely surprised by that, and was even more thrown off that it all combo’d! It was cool, haha.


General tips vs Mr. Bipson.

I’m probably going to do one more of these for Decapre, and that’ll probably be it.


Thanks for the videos @Ramma. These tips really do help alot.


Any particular reason why you’re stopping?


SFV basically. I don’t see SFV going the SFxT route and failing. I expect USFIV (and Cody) to be pretty dead not too far after the SFV release. Also, I’m starting back up at work, so play/recording time is about to drop down to 20%. I made 3 match-up videos this month while basically on summer break. I just won’t have the time to make many more between now and then.

I have a Poison video in the works, but it’s more of an odds and ends video…not a match-up video.

I certainly wouldn’t do all 43 match-ups anyway. I’d do Rose, Rolento, Decapre, Zangief, Hugo, Viper…maybe Sim?

Videos are about 4 minutes long, so I’d need content worth putting in there. There’s plenty of tech in the Decapre match.





Neat, but isn’t clsHP - clsMP - crHP better?


The description clearly states there’s not much point to this. Having said that, I suspect cl.hp cl.hp U2 is probably optimal.


Nicely done Grounded.

Beat me to it lol.

I’m putting an odds and ends video of Poison/Cody slowly but surely.

Yeah, the st. HP > st. HP thing is great if you have U2. It’s a nice chunk of meterless damage. If you can land a meaty…ch…st. HP :smiley:


Put it in the video anyway if you want, I just found it by chance in training mode the other day.

Meaty counter hits aren’t that unlikely - like I said in the description, everyone wakes up with jab these days… :wink:


U2 shouldn’t even be used in that matchup lol


Why not? Not every Poison plays the same - I’m sure you could find players whose styles would justify either ultra.


i think it’s too hard to react to fireballs for u2. and u1 can stop flip kicks


I only watched the embedded video you posted :stuck_out_tongue: