"Hey! Let's do this for real." Concept/Discovery/Match-up Videos



Just some of this and that. Gonna start clearing out some of my unfinished projects and such.

Experience players can move on. Nothing to see here :stuck_out_tongue:


That moment when two Codys are both at a loss in footsies and go for a random LK Ruffian Kick :how_interesting:


Doing the exact same thing!




Testing out recording via shadowplay. Might as well post it now before this thread gets even more dead :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still here man :wink:


We’ll then here ya go =)


Hey Skate, are you playing SFV? Are you gonna play on PC or PS4? I only have you on 360, and well…lol


Oh man you gave up the double perfect :frowning: Love seeing Seth’s health melt away like that though :wink:


Ya I was playing with my food there. And Ramma I’m gonna be playing SF5 on PC. Steam is Orphan Crippler and Capcom fighter ID will be Orphan_Crippler if you wanna add me. I’ve been playing the beta crack and have been in 3 beta tournaments at my local venue. I’ve got a good feel for the game atm.


Alrighty. I have no idea what my name will be yet.

Ramma or BS_RammaCricket or BS_Ramma or RammaCricket…something like that.


Well, I guess this is it.