Hey Look! It's Teddy at The Games Skybox on 11/12/2005 (CvS2, MvC2)

Fun time today and Teddy comes out of nowhere…

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (7 Entrants)
1st - Poke Guy (K Hibiki/Terry/Blanka)
2nd - Gerjay (A Vega/Sakura/Blanka)
3rd - Jiggabry (K Cammy/Sagat/Blanka)
4th - Nagata Lock II (C Guile/Kim/Vega)
5th - Super Alex (A Chun Li/Bison/Blanka)
5th - Angel Of Rage (C Iori/Sagat/Honda)
7th - Krasshole (C Rock/Ryu/Sagat)

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (11 Entrants)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Gerjay
3rd - Krasshole
4th - Mystic God
5th - G3nn
5th - DaflipmastaXV
7th - Crayz Penguin
7th - Lord Magnus
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - Angel Of Rage
9th - Cito

GG’s to everyone today, it was a fun time.

Thanks to Ryan for hosting this event out of nowhere.

See you all at York U next weekend.

Yay, Jigga.

Curt owes me $5 from a bet he made that’s on fuckin tape. Fuckin pussy.

lol what bet

It was winners finals and i told curt i’d give him 5 to 1 odds if he took gerjay over bry. He agreed to the bet and then pussied out after gerjay’s magneto got killed.

OMFG, we never finalized jack shit. AAAAAAND you pussied out when Gerjay caught Bry’s psylocke with HSF for the kill.

Wow my highest placing ever on american sticks. The arcade stool of power made a huge difference.

Put the vid up, then talk!