Hey Mods


Hey Mods,

My name is Anakron, and I can’t stand the sight of bad threads. All of them are stupid, pointless (irony) and are a waste of bandwidth made by scrubs. These threads are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever given out any infractions? Do any of you even have the power to ban? I mean, I guess it’s fun locking threads and giving a warning because you’re afraid to do something, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than just ignoring a thread.

Don’t be a stranger. Just hit them with your best shot. The threads are complete crap. They’re the most crappiest threads on Earth, and incredibly shitty. What can you boast about, other than “banned Henaki”? There are also experts at feigning ignorance, and have fucking annoying posts that are unrelated to the topic(all conceived by themselves ; Shit is SO lame). You are all lazy dudes who should just do your jobs (VS series Spider-Man). Thanks for listening, even though you could do a better job.

Thread related: It’s me making a shitty thread to know that the system still works. Thanks for your time.



Banning Henaki is nothing to boast about

Henaki: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”


this is my first post


Looks like a good thread to me!


We need a new mod in FGD to clean up all the trolling. Kooper’s doing a great job in the NSD, but all the idiots moved over here now.


i’m ashamed that I know what he’s referencing.


i would ban every motherfucker in this place


my theory is that srk is now so far up capcoms ass (as evidenced by the banning of henaki for posting information capcom would have preferred doesn’t get out) that this is no longer a community site. it exists to build support for capcom games, not to support players interested in achieving a greater understanding of the game and superior skill. obviously with this new goal, it would be counterproductive to ban all the online warriors, idiot newbies who think they know everything, etc. better to keep them around so they can GET HYPE. the entire existence of 90% of the content in the SSF4 forum is proof positive that srk no longer gives a shit.


It’s the inane semantics and the intense pseudo-philosophical discussions that really gets my goat.

This is a forum for video games; leave Sun Tzu at home and talk about the games, not the innumerable thoughts that flow through the heads of those who play them.


You’d probably hang yourself if you read the Sirlin.net comment pages




i support this post, particularly the satire of the most hackneyed phrase in the SF world, “GET HYPE”


I tried icycalm’s blog once.

I still can’t wash away the taint that still resides within my eyes.


Is that the guy that posts Nietzsche quotations between shmup reviews? That was too much for me to take too

He’s on his early 20s or I think, I look forward to him getting a bit older and realizing how much of a pretentious douchebag he’s been so far


Your goat is dumb.


Dandy J for president.





Yeah, Kooper does a pretty good job in his respective area. I think Sabin did a good job cleaning up FGD too but… oh well.


Art’s not even a mod anymore. Redpremium has no posts and hasn’t been active in the last few months. The other mods I assume are modding other boards as well and can’t devote as much time to FGD (which is fine, most of the rest of SRK is pretty clean imo). We need an active, dedicated mod on FGD though, especially since recently it’s been getting bombed by horrible threads and generally shitty people.


Someone should contact Steve Wilkos with proposal of being a mod here. Nowadays he is a very influental figure in fighting game world