Hey Moval

(This is some kind of MP for Moval, but since I’m a newbie here, I can’t MP. Hope you guys forgive me)

We played a couple of games a yesterday and I’d like to thank you for spending time playing with me, because obsviously, 'ill progress playing with you, but you won’t.
As for the lag you were talking about, I think it’s because the Atlantic ocean’s between us. It has undoubtly disadvantaged you, but allowed me to steal a round or two.
Praise the lag!!!(Although, I’d like to play a full game with you without lag, to see your skills at their best. BTW, you did twice a combo I didn’t know, 7 or 8 strikes, with a FADC in it. What was that exactly?).

See you, and thanks again."

In order to add some value to my post, I need to practice(a lot, a lot), and anybody willing to play some games is welcome.
As for my skills, let’s say I’m at the point where I can do most combos in training mode, but sadly:crybaby:, not really often during the fights.

My Gamertag:clerks1859

im talking to moval right now. told him there was a thread about him on srk. he will look at it when he gets a chance, lol.

Yeah Moval is a top bloke, played 10 sets with him the other day and he gave me some great feedback. His Blanka is absolutely beastly but he also showed the first signs of his very well played Akuma, very aggressive but at the same time very hard to hit due to Akuma’s evasive nature :slight_smile:

He played some games with Akuma against me too. I lost the first two matches, then learnt (took time!:sweat:) not to be hit by his focus-combo, and won the 2 next games, but I assume he was only working on combos and not really trying to win.
Anyway, even with the lag issue, his Blanka showed some sick stuff.

clerks and killswitch: good sessions indeed! one thing you guys have in common is you both like to rainbow roll alot. i would only use this move for evasive purposes (exrainbow roll out of the corner) or if im ‘fishing’ for a move (dragon punch, tiger uppercut, throws, etc). other than that, i think the move sucks! sure it can cross up, BUT if blocked, you take massive damage. the trade off is not worth it - just something to take note of.

clerks - i noticed you were going for jump in, c.mk s.lp xx hp elec every chance you get. that is a pretty beefy combo. i also noticed that the hp elec was coming out slow :frowning: maybe it’s the lag but if it’s not, just work on your inputs or ‘pianoing’ of the buttons faster. anyway, i don’t know what ‘7 or 8 strikes’ combo you are talking about. with the lag being an issue, i think the only combo i recall doing was cross up mk, c.mk, s.jab, s.jab, blanka ball, focus cancel and thats only 6 hits. maybe i got a dizzy + combo? i dont know.

killswitch - we already discussed your game so no need to post it here. :slight_smile:

both of you guys have a solid understanding of blanka. keep it up!

if anyone else needs some blanka tips. matchups or whatever will help level your game hit me up. im down to get some sessions in just msg me first.

oh that mike is oh so seksi… .

Moval I sent you a friend request, hoping to get some useful Blanka tips. (I’m in Ireland though so the lag will prolly be craptacular!)

Sweet I too main Blanka and I too rainbow roll way too often and pay the price at times haha, Id like to play and get some tips some time :slight_smile:

Moval Moval, best Blanka in U.S.

Well I’d like to play with a good Blanka too, so I just added you Moval. Maybe we can play sometime.

Can of worms anyone?


Haha, too bad there isn’t an HDR style spectator system yet so we could all get some schooling on. That being said I’d love to get some playtime in, I’m in so cal as well so pings shouldn’t be an issue. XBL: ccchellesss

Man I wish I had a 360 now.

money mike, you are a god amongst srk.

best blanka in the world?

clerks, i’ll add you up! i’m learning the ropes for blanka too. Moval, i messaged you :slight_smile: Hopefully you can spar with me sometime?

Money Mike, best Blanka in the universe?!

haha good matches today Moval… about my random ultras… yeahhhh thats my dpad dude, i attempt ultras and they work sometimes and mostly at the wrong times lol (im getting my stick repaired). But yeah dude and rainbow balls, they seem to work rly well for cross ups but i totally understand what u mean, if someone blocks em i can eat a pretty nasty punish.
I liked your blanka tho, u had some really dope combos and u did ur ultra almost flawlessly everytime. I need to practice my hop -> ultra. and my combos r pretty lame even if i can get em off which is rare lol.
I think the only thing that can help me is just practice and playing with u deff helped out man, thanks… any other advice would b helpful and lets play some more sometime!
(i think its funny how i play ranked matches at 4k bp and kids eat the rainbow balls all day lol, i guess online play isnt the best source of training -.-)

druid: ggs! practice up on those combos! we’ll play agian.

empire buffet: ggs man. sorry i bailed out without saying anything but i was in a hurry to leave. anyway, your rog is pretty solid. you were jabbing me off tick throws, and you were punishing me when i did something dumb. good stuff. i noticed towards the end of our matches you started using d+fierce. you need to use that more everytime i jump in for a clean punish. also, work on execution! you missed alot of combos into ultra. again ggs, and we’ll play again soon.

moval i also sent ya a friend req, hopefully we can have some matches sometime.

mirror money at evo?