Hey MR WIZARD. why ignore mexican scene and mails?

i dunno why
i send e mails and post and
u don,t want to reply us?

i want organize a EVO MEXICO
i have the equipment. i have the people
i have the feels,
but i don´t have any reply of u

Somehow I doubt posting in World matchmaking is going to help your cause. People post here to find Street Fighter communities outside the US, not to speak to administrators.

well i don´t know if them are going to answer but it´s worth the try.

i got the feels too.

( In Simple English )

What games will be at EVO Mexico? Which games are popular in Mexico right now? What do you want to do?

LOL. I’ve seen this guy posting this just about everywhere, and I guess I can see why the Mr. Wiz hasn’t responded. Anyways I knew this would come eventually, and it will just get uglier.

To yurikowa, I believe that Evo related entities aren’t entirely/maybe not at all? up to Mr. Wizard, as I understand it Evo is run by the Cannon brothers. Perhaps you are barking up the wrong tree?

Also, if you have the equipment, the people, and the feels, why not create your own tournament in Mexico to rival Evo?


Personally I wouldn’t even try to attend since he wants to center that shit on Smash (lol that game is even considered a Fighting game? really?) and KOF (unless it’s 13, it’d be boring :3)

So yeah, don’t make EVO mexico… Do something yourself, period.

SNK games DUH!

the reason from send e mails to mr wizard
its because i dont want to rivalized whit evo
its to make a subsidiare from mexico

the games in the torunament are
tekken 6
smash brawl
and Kof02

in mexico have a very strong comunity but for reason called money
its to dificult to travel to USA to participate in EVO
and thats the reason

i want to use evo logo
but i dont have any responses
i hope understand
the link from our forum its this

Im currently on vacation, and will be back in September to handle Evo stuff.

whe have to decide change te name


but the facebook and the forum have EVO MEXICO name
and change the names need time
and only compart the name but the event its diferent now