Hey New Guy Here

Whats up SRK peeps. Im rather new to SSFIV but i have played past fighters mostly SF2 if that says how long ive been out of the game. Im having a little trouble getting better. Im not bad for a noob i guess but i sure wouldnt compete with the big boys quite yet. I know online really isnt the place to learn but im my area its not exactly easy to find a group of players for IRL casuals. So if your around a C or B player in SSFIV and just want to online casual for both of us to get better or if your in the Louisville KY area for IRL casuals post up something. As of now my GT: MrStealYoKill84 as soon as i get my account fixed my tag is: WhoIsHippy send an invite if you want to play to the first GT tho since my other doesnt work atm. Make you say something about SRK. Thanks to all who read and help a aspiring player get better.