Hey Orangemegaslide (request)


Hey Orange,
A while back you made me a Christina Aguilera avatar. I was wondering if you can make me another. I really liked that one, but this time I want you to use this Boa photo. Instead of a blue background, use a green one. Here’s the photo:


Much thanks is appreciated! You’re the best man.


Where’s the photo?


hmmm, it worked earlier…
Ill just give you a link.
BoA picture


Ok man, expect it today.


How’s this?

If you’d like something different, let me know.

Damn this looked much more “earthy” in Photoshop.


That’s tight! Thanks man.


Hey Orange, I have a new one for you man (youre the best). Here’sTamia.
Same style as the BoA and Christina one, but this time a red background. Thanks man.




Okay. I hope you consider it.:smiley:


Ah no, man, I’m sorry.
I think I’m thru with Photoshop(quite possibly for good).