Hey, Peeps! SM00TH Here!


I don’t if this is the correct section to be posting this, but I looked all over and I couldn’t find a correct introductions section/new help other than the newbie question. However, I didn’t feel this post would be appropriate for that thread. But here goes:

Hey, guys. The names SM00TH CR1M1N4L. I’m actually pretty new to the Street Fighter world. I grew up with Super Smash Bros., but I have seemed to take a liking to Street Fighter (particularly SFIV). I have decided to try my hand at competitive SF play, so any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.

I also am a very indecisive person, and when it comes to fighting games (and all video games for that matter) I have a very difficult time choosing a main. This, obviously, leads to a hard time mastering a single character. I would like to change this bad habit for SFIV. So, any helpful tips on choosing a main would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys and hello!



I’m a newb too, but here are some tips that even I know

  1. Learn to block
  2. Block
  3. Block some more
  4. Don’t jump too much
  5. If you’re an 09er don’t start threads like this (see: THE SF4 BEGINNERS THREAD! NEW? POST HERE FIRST!)

As for picking a main… try all the characters and find one you click with. Do you prefer charge characters? Do you like to turtle? Do you like Chun Li’s thighs? We don’t know the answer to these questions so we really can’t help you there.


Wow, I highly approve of the above post. And welcome.


Welcome to SRK.

Is this thread runner up for longest lasting intro thread?


you just came through the walls of my heart like the koolaid man


Damn. An 09 member making a logical post AND an introduction thread that hasn’t been flamed to hell?

:confused: wtf SRK?

and:rofl::rofl: @ Goukisan’s post

Welcome to SRK




Same thread twice, you motha fucka.


good lord, where da hell is the hate @?


Again, nice to be able to read a post and not wince at the grammar or spelling.

If you do get flamed, take it like a champ and you’ll be just fine.

As for your main, this is why we love fighting games. It’s part of your style. Just when you think you’ve found it, someone comes along and either beats you with another character or shows you a combo or strategy that you admire and you roll with it.


“I don’t if this is the correct section”

This is not correct grammar, and he misspelled an entire word by not including it.


He said not wince at it, not that it was entirely correct. Reading comprehension.


In 4, I basically picked a main, and forced myself to play Abel in every single matchup, without resorting to counter picks for bad matchups. It feels good winning bad matchups, and you know the in and outs of the character in more situations than if you keep switching.


Truly the longest surviving introduction thread to ever be posted on SRK. It beat my L4D record.


SRK is running out of flames?

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