Hey Portland (Northwest) People Random News

What’s up all, I’ve been crazy busy lately so I’m sorry for having to post up everything online instead of telling this all in person. Anyway, I guess I’ll just start with who exactly this is :smile:

If you don’t know, this is the white Andrew that used to work at the Tilt back in the day. If people didn’t know, I graduated Portland State with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting this last June. The last term of college was a bitch and I’m glad it’s finally over. It was rough not just because of the crazy workload (from one class really) but because I was applying for a staff accountant position at a well respected local firm called Geffen Mesher & Co.

Crazy story about this job: this firm is known as being one of the quickest to finish their decision and hire people. Well, I’d originally applied in the beginning of April, the start of my last term, and finally had interviews in May. The interviews ended the middle of May and when I was ready to hear back if I was accepted or not they told me they were going to hire 3 people and they wanted to interview more about the job. Why is this crazy? Accounting firms typically only hire during fall term before people graduate and they all start in September of the next year. Well, this firm is big enough to have to follow that rule, too, but can probably get away with hiring one person. Anyway, I got a call a few weeks ago from one of the partners I interviewed with saying they were offering me a job. The pay is really good, despite the long hours from December to the middle of April, and I told them I would take it.

Well, this all happened right before I left for Japan, where I am now. I came here really for one big, reason which is why I’m posting anything at all. In about 2 weeks I’m going to get married to the Japanese woman that I’ve been dating for the last 3 years. We’ve already gone to the government and been registered so technically we’re married, but the formal ceremony is on August 4th. We’re doing something that’s more of a mixture of western and japanese style. The wedding itself is more American since it’s in a church and at the reception I’ll be wearing a kimono. I’ll have some pictures up sometime of what it looks like, but it’s REALLY heavy and really hot. I hope they don’t mind me sweating too much in there :smile:

So, if you’ve read all of this you’re dope and it sucks I didn’t get to tell everyone in person. If you’re curious, this is why I’ve been kind of out of sight lately. It may not seem like much, but it’s been a pretty crazy last 4~5 months. I’m thinking to head to Evo though since I think my plane ticket will be free. I hope I can see some Portland and Seattle area guys there and we can kick it. I’ll probably post more up in the next few weeks.


Congrats with everything.

You just graduated AND are getting married? Insanity. I won’t get married until I have banged bitches on every continent and am 45 years old.

At least things seem to be going well, congrats.

Btw…You still play any fighters Andrew?

Congratulations on everything, Andrew. How long will it be before we see Ken Masters Jr (Melvin)?

Yangsing: He’s been playing some VF5 and has a good Brad.


oh ok…I assume people are going to be art’s tonight?


Of course congratulations on everything. But just so you know, the idea of you sweating your ass of in a kimono had me rolling, haha. J/k good luck man.


Thanks for the congrats everyone.

As for the why. Well, like I told one friend “When you’re ready, you’re ready. It’s hard to just not do it.” What’s even more random, I know of two other people who were like “Wow, you’re getting married, too!” I guess this is just the time or something.

As for playing fighters, yeah, I’ve been playing VF5 Brad but I win because of general “holy shit buttons” whenever I’m in danger. Before I left I was playing GGPO Alpha 2 and still played some Alpha 3. Umm, ST is bombalicious but I never got to play that as much. I’m hoping I can find some comp in this city to get some practice before Evo, assuming I go.

Hey Ross, that shit is HOT, no joke. I was getting owned with the A/C on… It’s a thin jacket under a heavier vest thing under heavily wrapped kilt-like bottoms under one more vest (I think) under an over coat which looks like a robe. All in all, maybe 2 inches of material total? It’s tight looking so it’s all good.

Congratulations, dude. Where are you in japan now?

Kanazawa, Ishikawa. It’s on the main island boarding the Sea of Japan. It’s a pretty dope place for visiting, actually.

Thas tite. Tell your friends!

Damn man, crazy story. I missed most of the wedding details at that graduation party…
Even so, congrats once again.