Hey! Question regarding two fight sticks

Hey! 1st post and just signed up, heard a lot, but anyways.

There’s two arcade sticks I’m having a hard time choosing from, I’m on a very low budget and this is my 1st stick.

The datel pro arcade stick


and the Tekken 6 fight stick

I’ve heard both negative reviews from the arcade sticks, and some good things.

I heard the datel pro stick compatability chip set inside is alone worth the £30 and is good for modding

and the tekken 6 stick is okay, but very light weight and easily broken.

I’m not too fussed about general “button feel” etc, but what would you suggest? I’m quite new to the arcade stick stuff (been using a ssf4 fight pad since ssf4 and console pads since sf2 :P) If you find any others that are better, my price range is from £0-£30 :stuck_out_tongue: let me know.

Uhh, with the modding, I may in the future get some buttons to mod the datel stick if I’ve decided to buy it, depending on the price.


get the Datel

Just save up and get a Madcatz HRAP or AIAB.

In the long run it will be better to get a good stick early on instead of spending more money to upgrade.

Though the Datel/mayflash has a very good PCB.

What I heard, which is good for modding purposes right? I don’t plan on spending like 120pound on an arcade stick I plan to open up and mod, I’d rather get a cheap one and add the parts, another thing too, I may not like arcade sticks and stick to the pad.

Then get the datel, The Tekken 6 is wireless and a pain to mod and not worth the hassle.

+1 to Datel from those options.