Hey. The newbiest of the noobs here needing a bit of help in SFxT


Hey everyone. As the title of the thread goes I am looking for some help with SFxT because I just recently got into the Street Fighter games and although I’ve never considered myself a hardcore fighter gamer I have played the Soul Calibur games all my life and a bit of Tekken on my PSP. I was able to fight in Edge Master on SC difficulty although I’ve never been able to really pull some super long and damaging combos. What I did was just use a lot of long range attacks with kilik and lots of grapples. But enough of that. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways I just got SFxT 2 days ago and I am literally trying my best to learn the ropes of the game. I tried all characters. Yes, every single one. And the ones I’ve been most comfortable playing with are Poison, my main and Ryu OR Jin. Although I’ve had more success with Jin lately. As I was saying, I’ve been getting my ass kicked on medium difficulty and I find this irritating cause I just can’t find a working tactic.

I know the basic stuff like cross character special (I forgot the name of the terms but it’s when both characters do their special), specials for each character, grapples, changing characters in the middle of a fight, using a launcher mid combo and switching the partners. Some projectiles. Just really basic stuff. But things that I can’t do are super long combos that people manage to do online and I just can’t seem to find a way to create one with my characters. This is not like Tekken or Soul Calibur at all. Those games are definitely easier cause they have all their combos in their command list. In here in Street Fighter the command list only shows the supers, special moves etc. But it doesn’t show how to do combos. I am extremely inexperienced with SF and at this point I think that you can create your own moves and combos unlike Tekken where you have some combo commands that you can follow. I’m probably wrong on the SF thing but that’s why I’m asking for help. XD Also I would like to learn some of the fighting gamers use like BnB which I think it means Bread and Butter but I’m not sure what exactly does that mean here in fighting games. Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

TL;DR: I need help getting better at SFxT and SF in general cause I play as if this was Tekken or Soul Calibur. Also help with the fighting game lingo. And the terms and stuff I should know to take this more seriously.


Bumping for help once.


Welcome to SRK and SF!!!
There are many forums and threads, and you should look at each title so you can post in the right thread for your questions, etc…
Here are some of the forums which you should read.
As you are new you are going to have to read a great deal of informartion and watch a lot of videos to not only familiarize yourself with the basics of SF, but to learn the advanced concepts, strategies & gameplay.

Here is a lingo thread:

This is a great beginners tutorial series you should watch.

Here is an advanced beginners tutorial. You might want to watch this many times because of the large amount of information and instruction.

This is a “Newb” thread. Good reading.

I’ve been contemplating making a compilation of all the newbie info, in a chronological order, in one thread so that newbies can build a foundation and improve.


I appreciate the help a lot man! :slight_smile:

Wow I got a lot to study now that I clicked the links and started seeing what they contained. Again dude thanks!


In games such as street fighter super long combos normally don’t mean maximum damage. I try to keep my combos in the 12-20 hit range in order to get a nice chunk of health out of the enemy while not wasting my time when I could’ve stopped earlier and done more damage. Pretty much bc IMO over 20 hits is where it starts to damage scale kinda hard. Granted this does not count supers and what not that do like 30 hits a piece. Also combos are day one shit. While they do help you put in work, they are not the end all solution to a fight. Learn how to play the game and your characters first, and the ideas for combos/cancels/chains/links/resets/frametraps will pretty much start falling out of your head even when you’re not trying to think of them. I might come back later and add more to this but I’m trying to play Gears right now so this is all you get.

Also a pro tip. Don’t bump your own thread. That tends to piss off the mods around here. And like any site pissing off mods = Ban.


No Problem. We were all new once. I’ve been playing since SF2 & I am still learning. I’m not great at SFIV by any means, but I don’t give up.
Keep the same enthusiasm you have now, and keep at it. Practice at least an hour a day, every day.
Also, there is a book you should read to give you the proper perspective on what some people call “cheap” and other misconceptions.


One thing to max damage is to learn to link combos into launchers instead of just boost combos into launchers. An example with Ryu is if u score a jump in do Crouching MP, link (not chain), Crouching HP, then as Cr. HP hits tap HP+HK does more damage and links are not as harsh on damage scaling, I’ll see if I can get a video up later


@gamerguy dont worry I know bumping is a bit annoying I wont do it again.

@specter I will check that out too. Im bookmarking this thread on my phone in order to read and watch videos on the go.

@jasin. I’m still pretty bad landing normal boost combos when people are guarding so I’ll have to try that out when I go back to training mode. I’ll keep training with the Ai on hard too.