Hey thre SRK :)


Ez everyone. Was told about this site recently so thought id sign up and say hello :slight_smile:
More of a Tekken & an avid Raging Blast 2 player myself, but will be picking up Marvel vs Capcom on release day (tempted to get SSF too!). So yeah, hope to be around this place for quite some time!!

All the best.
360 Gamertag: BlazinHaydn

Yes!! Spelt “there” wrong in my first post! Get in there son!!! :slight_smile:


You have the correct attitude for playing Marvel vs Capcom.


Sup BlazinHaydn.

Welcome to SRK, land of the free and home of the braves.

Make sure you read stickies and whatnot before making posts in other parts of the forum and whatnot m’kay?