Hey Udon, do you know anything about Capcom Fighting Jam?


Seeing as you’re working somewhat closely with Capcom and seeing as they might want to push the page time of certain characters to hype the game…

Do you know who’s going to be in or any details? If you can’t mention anything, I’ll understand. Just post an appropriate smiley and I’ll be on my way…

Also, do you know of the secret characters who’ll make it?

:wink: for yes

:frowning: for no


I just want Alex, the star of SF3 in the game. So long as Ryu and Chun-Li are in it I’m happy!


I will want Giule chun-li and cammy I’m happy With that.:slight_smile:


Guile and Chun-Li are in it. Cammy has appeared in a background so she may not be in the game, but it’s too early to tell.

Full Roster so far is -

Ingrid(From the canceled CFAS game)


from what I’ve heard Karin is also announced



This is from the Capcom catalog that is given out at E3.


I believe the Karin thing is a rumor started by someone who confused Ingrid for Karin, much like the rumor that Breath of FIre Characters are in it was started by people who did not know that Hauzer and Leo were in Red Earth/Warzard and not Breath of Fire.

udoneko - thanks!


Read the last sentence! Thanks to popular demand, there will be more characters!



Wow thats awesome,but its not for the PS2 :frowning:


It took popular demand to bring it about? :confused:

I seriously hope Capcom didn’t actually think even for a moment that the roster in its current size and form was enough :eek:



Originally there was supposed to be at least twenty so maybe there will be a lot more!


good thing that Ryu made an appearance, but again no Rose for like the bazillion timez. Why Guile when Charlie could’ve made it this time.

$5 bucks say Shin-Akuma is the secret character?:cool:


Perhaps because on the Japanese Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Fan Poll, Guile was always ahead of Nash.


Check that link again. PS2 is underneath! PS2 won’t have Online Play as far as I know while X-Box will.


Oh Thank God !:smiley: No online Huh? That okay:cool: