Hey Udon will u ever du crossover comics between SF, Darkstalkers, and Rival Schools?

**i mean it could be a fun side thing u cats could do. besides i was wondering if the comics worlds were connected or not, i do believe they are in the games.

also i was wondering about Final Fight is that going to get any love or what?

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I think Sakura being in Rival Schools is as far as they’ll go.

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Ken Siu-Chong, writer of SF and DS sort of answered this one in an interview in Play Magazine, regarding an SF and DS crossover. He said No, that some of the weaker Darkstalkers can take out some of the strongest Street Fighters easily, it would make for some pretty quick fights.

I don’t think crossovers are out of the question (please, please try talking to Marvel to do an MvC comic. Even if it’s only like 3 or 4 issues. Or at least draw Jin Saotome somewhere…)

I’ve always thought that SF, DS, RS et. al. all exist within one universe. Heck, it’s not totally out of the question to assume that Resident Evil and similar games exist in that universe as well. And if you go further into the future, you get Captain Commando, Jin, Hayato, possibly even Megaman.

The way I see it, all of Capcom’s characters exist in one big “Capcom World”, just as all of the Marvel or DC characters exist within their world.

So, Sakura & Karin knowing the RS cast isn’t out of the question as well as:

  • Felicia knowing about Blanka (even though this was solely a Cap USA thing)
  • Dr. Light doing some research on Ryu and giving (Megaman) X the Hadou Ken and Shoryuu Ken
  • Jin and/or Hayato possibly being descendants of Ryu
  • Chun Li possibly collaborating with S.T.A.R.S. on a project in Racoon City

And actually, if you want to get deeper into it, Captain Commando could actually be the “god” of the Capcom World. Or at least a guardian spirit.

But then again, maybe I’ve gone too far.

What do you all think?

If someone was going to be the God of the Capcom World it would be the Boss of Forgotten Worlds, who is the King of Gods, what’s his name. He gets to boss around Cleopatra, Osiris, and the God of War for christs sake.

Too bad 2 Unknown Soldiers take all of their Asses out in the future. :rofl:

Captain Commando used to take place within the Street Fighter world officially for a while, at least (although unknown if it does, now. Likely it’s one of those ‘forgotten’ or ‘who cares?’ things by now). If anything, though, Capcom of Japan seemed to have been trying to purposefully separate Rival Schools AWAY from Street Fighter as much as they could for some reason when Project Justice came out. Of course, with a third Rival Schools not coming out, I imagine that one might possibly get filed under “Who cares?” at Capcom eventually (if it isn’t, already) as well.

And grumpy surly Kei should totally STAR in the Rival Schools comic. She can go around following everyone else spouting such memorable quotes as “Are you crazy!?”, “Do you have a deathwish?!”, “You’re insane!”, and “The Justice? What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” and then Hyo will scream “NOOOOOOO! How can you not believe in the justice!?” and die!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Project Justice is technically the third in the Rival Schools series though. 'Cause it’s Rival Schools, Rival Schools 2 (Both for the PS1) and then Project Justice (Stupidly only for the DC when it’s long gone, re-release to PS2…)

Rival Schools and Rival Schools: Evolution are the same game. Yes, I know they called it Rival Schools 2, but I don’t think it really warrants it.

If that were the case, then Street Fighter would have reached and passed SF3 a long time ago. We’d be up to Street Fighter XIII now.

Do you even know what you’re talking about?

Rival Schools: United By Faith = 2 Disk, the second had more modes, same thing.
Rival Schools: 2, (unreleased in USA) PS1 game, Included 2 new characters Nagare and the photo-taking girl
Project Justice (technically RS3) included a new way of playing the game.

For PAL owners of Rival Schools the game is subtitled “Rival Schools 2”. Also the game starts by telling the story of the first game with nothing in-between. A little bit fishy then no?

RS2 for Japan wasn’t that big of an update to really call it RS2. Probably needed a quick title so stuck a 2 onto it.

it wouldnt matter who’s stronger, it just depends if the creators actually put effort into their fight scene. Proxide, the creator of the MK vs SF have very very very very very awesome superb ultimate badass fight scenes that leaves behind an image. DC vs. Marvel never even came close to producing a decent fight scene. :sad: but also a fight scene cannot have so much talking ala dragonball GT style (same with naruto flashback) thus making the fight scene longer than it is. :rolleyes:

that photo girl’s name is Ran Hibiki ::wow:

RS2 is technically the CvS:Pro to Rival Schools’ CvS. So using that comparison ProJus would still be the CvS2 of the franchise.

I like the idea of having a final fight comic book. Although I wonder what style of drawing they would do.

In the final fight video game it was a bit cartoony. Now the up coming final fight streetwise has a serious and dark tone to it. Kind of like grand theft auto.

Ran Hibiki?! That’s wayly impossible. I’m gonna ask sano

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No official confirmation that I know of that Ran and Dan Hibiki are related, or weither or not it’s an injoke of sorts.

Nothing is official but I do find it strange that Dan does give pictures of himself with signed autographed. I wonder who takes those pictures of him?
Ran perhaps?

I definitely want to see how it pans out. I mean RS/SF ARE related. And supposedly in that official plot guide, Darkstalkers takes hundreds of years before or something and Rose is Anita?