Hey Up can some please help with linking moves


iv been playing since SF4 the last game before that i played was SF 2 the one SEGA in 1996/7 somthing like that. Any way people… iv played SF4 but never took it seriously but now since SSF4 came out i have kind of really trying to improve my game… so my questions is (i am also a ryu player) when i try to combo moves such as:

crouch M,M then crouching heavy kick
crouching jab,jab, crouching heavy puch


crouch light punch twice then connecting it with medium crouching kick

i know im not that good with using short style to explain moves because i dont want to confuse you lot i thought id write it like that… for some reason i cant connect them i practice for so many hours a week its wierd i probally play more in training mode then i actually play really (i do play however). please help me with tips and trick to help me improve my combo connecting i know its hard to explain please try your best. Thank You for all your help.

no tricks. if the move didn’t come out you press the button too early. if the move was block you press the button too late. there’s nothing i can say expect keep on practicing. look up p-link and that might help a little, but you still have to find the timing.

Thanks buddy ill might look up p-link and one more thing by looking at frame datas of my charecter will it help with linking?

Theoretically it can, but in all honesty it probably wont.

Just learn how to plink.

just learn the timing for the combos man. i play ryu and i do c.MP c.FP < end combo. all the time. its easy. learn the timing, you dont need to plink with ryu.

practice practice practice. timing is key in this game. doing the trials in challenge mode is what im doing now. it takes time to get decent at this game.

Isn’t there a stickied thread so that people don’t post threads like this?

Another thing that was supposed to help with linking moves is a small shine that moves from the start to the end of the opponents life gauge. The next input has to be before it reaches the end…

it might. most frames = longer wait until the next button press. it might also help when you play other characters. ex. ryu’s cr. lp,cr. mk link will feel similar to deejay’s cr. lp, cr. mp cause their moves have the same amount of frames. also it’ll help you see how big of the window you have to hit your link. ex. ryu’s cr. lp, cr. hp is easier than his cr. lp, cr. mk cause the first one is a 2 frame link while the second one is a 1 frame link.

learn how to plink, once you get used to it you may just become like me and plink everything even easy links. It really does make tougher links much easier IMO

with ryu try this instead, c.lp x2, cr.mp. its better to use cr.mp instead of cr.mk cause punch gives u 2 frames to hit the combo, while cr.mk only gives u 1. once u get very used to the timing of cr.mp, the cr.mk will become easier. < this is opposide for ken though