First off, your Sim is awesome. Congrats on being the highest placing Dhalsim at evo. And I heard Daigo was impressed by you and gave you and your arcade mad props after your match with him. Can you elaborate on this?

its about damn time! good shit at evo man!


UTJ is a cool guy. he just wants everybody to be happy.

he smells nice

hit those buttons utj!

so sick, our walking posts 4 times in a row! YES

edit:^ fuck you ruined it… :confused:

UTJ damn you tight, so tight people are scared to money match you!

damn even daigo gave him props

UTJ, why your short slide super so sick?

Yeah… good matches Johan. Eric, Juan and me were watching you play Daigo.

johan why do I <3 you? no homo~

I miss the days when we used to hold hands and walk across the beach. ~ No homo :rofl:
Srsly though good stuff Johann. :tup:

hey utj

i think you is awesome and you did really well at evolution


Dudley and Sim, what a deadly combination!!!


UTJ, so good!

Oh we got haters. YOU MAD.

Im going to paraphrase seth killian on this. “You keep doing an effective move until your opponent shows that he can punish it. It doesn’t make any sense to change something that’s working.”

Congrats UTJ

utj sucks. he couldnt carry me in the 2v2 money match so i lost $5.

also, he sucks for making me drink that 3 wise men shot. shit had me fucked up during the finals


Well to be honest with you, I did try my hardest at evo.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other solid sims out there like Arturo and Filipino champ as well. I’m not going to hate because I respect anyone who plays Sim.

And if you play sim, I respect that. And we all have our opinions so be it.

But in the end, it’s daigo man. To be honest with you how often do I get to play solid ryus like Daigo. In fact after he beat me I wasn’t upset at all, because losing to daigo was probably one of the best feelings ever.

At least I can say I fought 5 strong players at evo and i’ll never regret entering because i’m proud I placed 9th. Juicebox, Daigo, Isei, JR Rodriguez, some sagat whos friends with arturo, and sanford. Out of all those people I placed 9th, so it wasn’t an easy bracket.

In the end, thanks for everyones support, it means a lot to me.

I was really rooting for UTJ to give Daigo and the rest of the opposition some UTI burning sensation.

It’s one thing to talk smack on SRK Forums in alternating caps and another thing entirely to take your game to Evo.