Hey want money? Can you mod sticks?

I’m willing to pay someone 10 bucks to mod my SF anniversary stick.
I will supply the parts that you need, Happ competition stick and buttons.
I just need the labor done.

I live in San Diego, Basically willing to drive anywhere in San Diego to meet up.
Anyone want easy money?

I’ll do it. What exactly do you need done? 10 bucks sound like too little. pm me if you are interested.

If only you were in Arcadia/Pasadena/LA area =\

ill so that shit for free son, just to show some arcade community brotherhood,

nah. jk, but anyways dont pay shit bro, that aint that hard to do and whoever can do it for you around your area, ask them mofos to do it for free.


Really not that hard =)

You guys are ruining it for me.

You guys go to your jobs for free?

DUDE! haha I listened ta Ray Ramos on the Dr. Subzero pods and ran bats…this guys fuckin halarious

haha fucking tony. i got 2 more sfac sticks to mod. what’s the best site to buy buttons switches and sticks?

that shit is easy if you’re just gonna do competition stick and buttons, thats what i did to mine, took about an hour or less…