Hey what happened with the 5th extra character


there was no info about her or anything except that leaked info…

what gives


what 5th character?


if its announced it will be on here, noobody knows.


Care to say who you would like in the Game?

i would have Dante here!
he fits in this Fighting madness.




That’s not what the thread is talking about. The 5th character was going to be Yattaman-2, but there’s been no information on her since the leak. The topic creator is asking why there’s been no information but the answer is that nobody knows.


this TvC subforum gets lots of threads that can be answered within other threads. i haven’t made a single one since I got interested in the game, yet i check here just about everyday, whether i post or not. oh well. glad u guys are all helpful.


She’s planned to be shown on the official site at some point, so I’m sure she’s going to turn up at the last minute.


shes not on the new cover though…


Any clue as to Why Yatterman2 is in the Game?
thus it make any sense?


i bet they just erased her out of it and when the reveal her they will show the cover with her in the mix. theres plenty of room to add her in that pick. to be honest. im a little worried but i’m sure they’ll add her. everything else from that leak came true, she would even out the tatsunoko side of the roster and she would also complete the second trio (street fighter & megaman have 3, gatchman has 3 and if this is true then yatterman will have 3 as well).

have faith.


I don’t want Yatter2.

She’s a nice addition, but…I really feel Tatsunoko could have a bigger character on their side than Yatter2. (Really, I sooooooo wanted Yatterwan playable.)

But, since they only have room for one more normal character, I guess Yatter2 would do.




Yatterwan? Pfft. [media=youtube]vHKQhB8TuC0"[/media]


I support the notion of having Optimus Prime dog version in the game.


god that looks so badass.


Same reason Jun the Swan is in the game.


Yeah Yatterking + Bolon from tech romancer for the balance would have been fucking epic.


Gold Lightan and PTX can only hope to match that motherfucking dog


i guess Yatterman-2 will be a Super uber secret hidden Character in the game!