Hey who all's sticking around?

just wanted to see which of you guys were gonna tough it out. i’m leaving for greener pastures to the land of meterless shakunetsus and kara-demon setups :frowning:

I will stick to Ryu, I dont see to much difference honestly. But I will probably pick up Evil Ryu and one of the brothers

Well, like i said a long time ago; when Daigo leaves Ryu; the army goes with him. At least now, you’ll never have to worry about getting the old “ryu is for scrubs” when you win :).

How have you guys been fairing against the twins? Against 90% of the people i have played against; this match does not seem overwhelmingly. Everyone is just going crazy with divekicks and upkicks. It’s just combo practice when they land. Against good yun’s/yang’s who know how to relax it’s a lot harder.

The guile matchup got better, but fei is still an absolute nightmare.

Im sticking with him, he has been my main since ST. And he still feels great to play, even though he will be the most predictable character in the game but who cares, learn every match up and you’ll know everyonie. Still, looking at the fact that AE is NOT the final SFIV, I’m hoping they improve him in some way. *coughJoudancough. XP

haha my post was/is kind of tongue-in-cheek. i’m done with the lopsided 4 series for the foreseeable future. we’ll see what they do with turbo :slight_smile:

Far from it. I’ve returned to Ryu after an absence. E. Ryu/Oni/Yun/Yang are the new Ryu/Ken. Now that you don’t see Ryu 7 times out of 10, and he isn’t top-tier, I feel okay about using him again.

I still use him and will do so at Evo

Right now it’s Evil Ryu, O.Ryu and Yun for me. I really don’t think O.Ryu is as bad as people were making him out to be in AE. It took me a few hours to get used to the new cr, MK but now he feels a lot better to me, actually. Trade LP SRK > Ultra 1 is too good.

And I pray you take Daigo’s money. :slight_smile:

I started off in vanilla using Ryu but somewhere in Super, I ended up maining Adon. Now that everyone is following Daigo, I think I want to come back to the character. Looks like I will have a lot to learn though…

Daigo could still beat 99.9% of the players with AE ryu, He need Yun to beat the remaining 0.01% :slight_smile:

Using every shoto; but mostly ryu and e ryu.

I tried AE Ryu for the first time today… The low forward nerf is really, really noticeable.

It’s hard to win with Ryu. I spoke to Air and he thinks the Yun matchup is 7-3. At times I think E.Ryu is better but he’s not because he takes too much damage. Either way i’m going to play both.

well I will get mained in Evo and with me using Ultra 2 doesn;t help but that is what I use

If I do play Daigo and as I dont gamble, he can just keep the cash and I will pay him like what he did in Saudi Arabia tournaments, all I want to do is get the Ultra 2 off on him and say Ume Metsu shoryuken

Air thinks every matchup is shit for ryu! LOL. After he got his ass kicked by J.Wong with Dan, i bet he put the Dan matchup as 6-4 Dan’s favor. Air will switch to Yun so he can copy off of Daigo.

im still trying ryu but the low forward feels much worse

Actually, cr.MK, still is practical and the hitbox hasn’t changed at all. Only now its throwable and can be hit with something more than before the nerf if it whiffs. So it can be used like before except the defensive side of footsies for it isn’t the same anymore. That said I think CR.MK is still a good poke, may take some time to get used to it. You still can do all the things that Super Ryu can do, but as a poke, it will be alot different. It’s not too bad really.

yeah im used to it now its not bad at all.I think a lot of people including myself overreacted to his nerfs

Don’t forget cr.mk now only has 3 active frames, down from 5.

boo hoo his low forward nerfed cry me a river . honestly I have still been able to work with it and it allowed me to actually open up other parts of my poke game with ryu . I refuse to ever drop him ive been playing him and vega since I was a child .