Hey with tronn and mag combos



can anyone help me with some combos with tronn and mag


Here’s the easiest one in the book:

Tron Assist -> Triangle Jump -> Tempest.

Hope you didn’t need that 70% damage…



Tron (Projectile Assist)

  1. Tron assist -> Tri Jump HP/HK -> Launch -> Magnetic Shockwave = 100% Damage

  2. Tron assist -> Tri Jump HK -> C.HK, -> Magnetic Shockwave = 101% Damage

  3. Dashing C.HK (Magneto Slide) -> Tron assist (OTG)-> Magnetic Tempest = 89 to 100 to 110% Damage depending if opponent gets sucked inside the Tempest.

Note: Shockwave Finnish = 110 Damage

  1. Dashing C.HK (Magneto Slide) -> Tron assist (OTG) -> Hyper Grav -> Magnetic Tempest = 89 to 100 to 110 depending by suction of the tempest.

Note: Shockwave Finish does 101 Damage

  1. Dashing C.HK (Magneto Slide) -> Tron assist (OTG) -> Hyper Grav -> Launch -> Basic air rave to Tempest combo =106 Damage

  2. Jump in J.Hk/Hp ->Tron assist -> Launch -> Super Jump -> Dash Down Forward -> SJ.down lk, SJ.mk -> Land (on ground) -> rejump -> J.lp, J.down lk, J.mk, J.lp, J.down lk, repeat (infinite)… J.lk, J.mk -> Hyper Grav -> Magnetic Tempest.

Note: Infinite 2x = 90 to 125% Damage

  1. Jump in J.HK/HP -> Tron assist -> Luanch -> Tron’s Wave Beam Keep Low -> Jump -> HK Throw (Resets combo) -> Land -> Dash C.Kl (OTG) -> C.HK -> Hyper Grav -> Magnetic Tempest = 125 to 135% Damage.

  2. Jump -> Air Dash Forward -> Tron assist in front of opponent -> Mag lands behind -> standing HK -> Quickly Cancelled by Temest or Shockwave = 107% (SW) 113% (MT)

  3. HK Throw -> Dash Foward -> C.lk (OTG) -> C.HK -> Tron assist -> Magnetic Tempest = 100% Damage

(#10 consist Psylock AAA)
10) Dash C.LK -> Launch -> Super Jump -> SJ.HK -> Dash down forward -> SJ.down lk, SJ.mk -> Land -> rejump -> J.lp, J.lk, J.mk -> Psylock AAA -> Temest -> Land -> C.lk (OTG), C.HK -> Hyper Grav -> Tempest (Let Tempest Shards Hit 20 times. Max combo meter should be 60 to 65 Hits.) Cancel to Tron’s King Serve Bot = 143% Damage

Important Note: For all combos that consist with “Hyper Grav” try alternating with both supers becuase we all know that Hyper Tempest are mashable.



A note for Mag/Tron, if you plan to launch during the combo, you HAVE to do 2 hits before the launch. So yeah, just do, c.LK+Tron, c.LK, triangle jump RH, c.LK, Launch.

Mag/Tron combos aren’t that good unless you can get them to do the most damage, which is by resets.

And make sure you do the Tempest reset:

Launch, sj.RH, dash DF, j.LK, j.LK, land, call Tron, dash behind, c.LK xx Tempest, that’s like all their life.


i like normal j.fp+assist, j.fk, d+fk, hypergrab, sj infinite etc, on helper i’ll do a shockwave after slide.

and i like launch+assist, sj. fp, airdash df fierce, land, sj infinite.


i dunno much about mags/tron, but here’s imo the most damaging corner combos w/ both of them (assists helping each other out)

Tron/Mags - A

HP throw(into corner), s.lk + mags, s.mk(1 hit) xx lp raygun, raygun hits (throw a taunt in here if they’re not mashing, if they do mash just go right into…) s.hk(2 hits) xx LunchRush

110 damage or so and looks real cool

and as for mags, get 'em w/ a hk throw into the corner, s.lp juggle, s.hk + tron (1 hit) xx tempest should do a hell of a lot

just be careful on the timing, practice it, cuz if you get it wrong the rings won’t hit right and they can block, if you think you messed up the timing, you can throw them right again after they block and try it one more time with tron since the throw takes so long to release and it should kill them

HK throw, s.lp juggle, s.hk + tron dash in HK throw s.lp juggle, s.hk + tron xx tempest should kill them pretty good

you can also set this up off an air HP throw in the corner as well, get them w/ the s.lp juggle when they’re falling from the bounce


Here’s an imporvised version…

Do all that above until you capture opponent with lp raygun. Back up two steps. Perform Trons Semi Infinite 3 times (lp Raygun/hp Servebot Launcher). Step underneath opponent. S.hk (2 hits) xx Lunch Rush.

This performs up to 125% damage (Cable=Mid Defense characters)

NOTE: Only works with midium built characters. Not large. Not small.



i just tried that, it doesn’t work…

thanks for trying though


Okay, after you set up Cable with the throw (in corner) and OTG him with the shovel. You repeat tapping S.lk to do the flame to boost him up. Simutaneously calling out Magneto to use an EM Distruptor while you use your lp.raygun.

-Steps After Connecting The Raygun-

  1. Cable should be stuck on the air (via Serve Bot Hold).

2)In order for the sub to work make sure Cable is positioned where his nuts (The Target) are paralell to Trone’s face.

  1. Move Tron backwards until you get to the edge of the 3rd square (memory) on the ground in the training room. (This should be somewhere to 2 or 3 steps backwards)

  2. Cable is still in the air. Shoot a hp.Serve Launcher xx to a lp.Raygun.

  3. Cable is cought by the 1st sub infinite. (repeat 1 or 2 more times.)

  4. Cable is cought again by the 3rd and last of your assult. Still airbourne.

  5. Move Tron to where her face is either under or touching Cable’s legs.

  6. Do a S.hk (releases Cable with some damage)

  7. Delay S.hk for a split second and release (2 Hits on Cable now)

  8. Cancel quickly with a Lunch Rush Super

This should be fixed to do 125% to 127% damage upon Cable. If you decided to use the sub twice time the damge should be 119%. Once? 110%. Without Sub and Straight S.hk (2 Hits xx Lunch Rush) will be 101%.

If necessary you can also super cancel out of the Lunch Rush to Magneto’s Tempest. This boost up the Damage by 135%.

NOTE: This sub only works with:

  1. Cable (3 to 4 times)
  2. Cyclops (3x)
  3. Spiral (3x)
  4. Rogue (2x)
  5. Ruby Heart (2x)
  6. Psylock (3 to 4 times)
  7. Anarkis (1x)
  8. Magneto (1x maybe 2)
    9)Captain America (4x to 5x)
  9. Amingo (3x to 4x)
  10. Storm (2x)

The times you can repeat this is limited due to the opponent character gradually floating upwards.

NOTE 3: Always make sure to reposition Tron to the right place before thowing the Launched Servebot. If you are too close the Bot will hit the opponent down. Try to get the bot over the opponents head.

NOTE 4: -Catch Does Not Work With-

  1. Sentiel
  2. Jin

Note 5: -Repeat Sub Does Not Work With-

  1. Juggernaut
  2. Blackheart
  3. Strider
  4. Shoryuken Team
  5. Servebot plus others.



dude, you can’t cancel special moves

edit - shit, didn’t know it was supposed to hit them on the down part, ok, ill go try that then, my bad


Yeah, the bot supposed to hit them on the head while you aim your ray.



yea, i got it now, it’s pretty hot shit

LP bot works better for me tho:bluu:


Yeah, LP Raygun after you’ve HP (Or Fierce whatever) Launch Bot. Sorry to have confused you, but at least you’ve did it.:slight_smile:



that combo is great but in high level play ppl are going to mash outta the raygun…


It’s relitively harder to mash out of the Raygun than that of Magneto’s Hypergrav. Kinda as hard as Thanos’ Buble Toss once it hits you.



yeah it is but for the time it takes for the servbot to come out and hit they have more than enough time to get out, trust me i have seen it fail in the tourneys that i have played in…but still a great and funny combo, (I AM JACKIN YOU FOR YOUR ZENNY!!!)