Hey Yeb

David took down many a Goliath this weekend
there needs to be a BELIEVE IN YEB clothing line

Yeb, what does your dick taste like? Just kidding, I already know.

mad props

worlds best gen

Hey yeb is the new ‘hey moval’

Just like Gen, we need 2 styles of shirts!

both to represent Yeb’s GODlike performance…

Oh and a screenshot of Yeb’s Double R. Kelly on Magus on the back of the shirt would be cool too!

when Yeb played at WCW
not only did he slap the buttons to do standing forward into kicks…
he cured AIDS
fed a Somalian
touched Sherryjenix’s titty
killed a pig - boiled it - squeezed the dookie out of his ass - salt rubbed it - hung it for 2 hrs - came back & sliced it up - chopped it up - had pork chops all while playing in Top 8

And he cured Gen’s illness!!! :crybaby:

I money matched Yeb, and everytime he landed a super on me he got a trophy!!! GODLIKE!~

Oh lord, what have I done? :rofl:

Forrest fires.

See what you missed by not coming out! We’d have set you up with a comfy chair in Bryan’s room to put your leg up :wgrin: Hope that foot is feeling better man!

And yes, Yeb for MVP. It’s one thing to have mastered the mk+hands but he really had some amazing footsies and overall zoning presence. His game is way more than gimmick! GS! :tup:

So where’s the cake?:rofl:

congrats yeb, you made san diego proud.

yeb i hate sf4, but i watched you give it to floe and it almost made me want to pick up sf4 again and main gen.

yeb is fucking awesome. Will you knockup my imaginary girlfriend?

If he doesn’t do it, I will.

Your imaginary girlfriend is hot.

Go yeb!

Seen some of his vids, looks kinda scrubby to me. The kick > scissor hand thingy is all he does with some zoneing, I woudn’t say he thats good really. Well done to him though :slight_smile:

I get alot of Gen players on Live who just use that kick > scissor hand/EX scissor hand technique way too much, but I suppose you do whatever i takes to win.

I watched it and hoping Yeb to go all the way. I’m for both Yeb and Filipino Champ to get the Prize money.

you obviously dont know about gen at all then… that is his main BnB combos, and one of his main tools.

lol slappy, this should have clued you in right here.