Hey Zero.

You going to the upcoming Portland Tourney?

I’m trying to score a ride with a guy from zaibatsu. I want in the DR tourney.

Would be coolios if we could get some practice sessions in beforehand.

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly wanna go to PLand, no ride yet. Still in concept stages. Although, I"m down to play, I"m sure Aaron is too!

Crap. Gotta go to a birthday and wedding party the weekend of.

Still going to Federal Way Commons this weekend (Sat, 2pm start) for the DR tourney. Going to bus it down.

You and Aaron should come. Thinking of holding a lil Tekken practice this Friday…nothing cemented, though.

PM me your number, yo

Goddamnit it Matt, this is what PM’s are for!

HAHAHAH! Keep posing till Zach remooooooves this. :yawn:

On the other hand, maybe other people see this and want to connect up or go down too. So I don’t have any big problem with it.

Besides, I’m not listening to Rob anymore until he changes his avatar to something as awesome as Wenzelsaurus’s av.


No go on Friday.

Hopefully I’ll see you on Sat at Fed Way.