Hey guys im completely new to street fighter as a game and one of the two characters i would like to use is zangief but the problem is im having trouble with the double full cirlce imputs for his super and ultras if anyone knows a quick or easier way to do this please tell me note: i play on an arcade stick and my main game is mk9

You have to buffer the motion in to something usually. The most common things are doing the 720 motion on wakeup and then trying to react if they don’t try and avoid it. You can also empty jump, dash/backdash, taunt, focus attack, or tick into it. Worst Gief Ever posted this video featuring setups if you want some examples.

It is also possible to do a true standing 720 motion however it is very hard. Here is desk’s video on the true standing 720:

^ That shit is ridiculously hard though, and I have never seen a tournament Zangief pull that off in a match.

Early on in the first video, he uses st. roundhouse to lead into command throw. I was wondering why people use that when Zangief is so easily punished?
Does it extend the throw or move Zangief forward?

It moves Zangief forward into possible throw range. This gimmick is best used when they are really worried about your ground game similar to jumping or if their footsie game is lacking in general. If you see that they aren’t whiff punishing you very well or have slow reactions to Gief’s pokes you can throw this out as an obvious feint and buffer in the 360. If they go to try and punish the kick, hit the lp and scoop them up, and if they don’t bite they are working themselves closer to the corner.

You can also use it to position yourself into max range against those opponents that have mistakenly fallen in love with downback. This is actually a really strong gimmick with things like proximity guard and many players natural reactions to try and punish moves with certain character’s go to punishes.

Thanks for the detailed reply. :slight_smile:

I’ve encountered a lot of that recently, I’ll have to try this. :smiley:

Thank you for helpin out with the ultra im workin on it

Yeah, you’ll get it. It’s been second nature for me for a long time now.