HF/CE wakeup/reversal

ok ive asked alot of people this and everyone gives me different answers, some say HF can reversal some say you cant, then i read somewhere that the only reason to chose hf guile over CE guile is to win wearing blue which i gatherd means HF has no reversals either, but then other ppl say he has so yeah…

hf throws does less damage and more charge time on his flash kick. dunno about sonic boom tho.

i think c.mk and flash kick also got weakened in hf.

thanks for your input but my question was does HF have reversals.

It is WW that doesn’t have reversals. They just don’t show up on the screen in CE/HF (unless you’re playing AE)

WW characters have reversals in AE, though.

Yeah? burnt… shows how little i know. lol :slight_smile:

Well they didn’t in the original WW game. I wonder if you can do the start+choose-WW thing to get the original versions with no reversal, like you can get the original versions of the ST characters? Time to do a little investigatinin…

uhh now even WW has reversals?? im so confused lol

HF does have reversals in AE. That’s a fact.

HF Guile vs CE Guile. Biggest difference is the damage dealt.


No, I’m retarded. After testing it out a crapload of times, WW characters in AE for the XBox do not have reversals.

Ok lets gets this straight in AE


is this correct?

Whether or not the characters can reversal:

World Warrior: No
Champion Edition: Yes
Hyper Fighting: Yes
Super: Yes
Super Turbo: Yes

This goes both for the original versions and Anniversary Edition.

cool thanks alot, but befor you said WW in AE can reversal now you say no, lol

No, he’s retarded remember? :slight_smile: (aren’t we all?)

Even though you can’t do true “reversal” in WW, maybe you can do a ghetto version of them? Let’s say the exact first frame I become “hit-able” while geetting up after knockdown, I execute DP/whatever… wouldn’t that beat the meaty?

I could’ve sworn I’ve had my meaties beaten by WW chars… but I never play them myself so I don’t really know.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me many a time, which is why I thought they had reversals. In AE they can’t time their special moves so that “REVERSAL” comes up on the screen, but maybe they can still time them so that the effects are the same? Or maybe their moves are just full of invincibility?

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reversal not came since dash and not all move be reversal in X there bug if you try reversal with move not let you reversal

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