HF Honda Q

Hey folks - I think I got Honda down in HF fairly well, but one thing always gives me fits: Shoto’s who force the jump over the fireball then footsweep the landing. If they do it bad I can safely block when I land, esp if I don’t attack - problem is, I can’t really punish like if I bait a DP.

To make matters worse, recently a Ryu player managed to hit me over and over with it. I couldn’t land after that jump w/o getting stuffed by the cr. roundhouse. I can try to inch my way in with the “walk n block” - but it’s too slow - I get pushed back so far that if I get in at all, I need to essentially perfect them when I do finally get close. Using short buttsmash is slightly better, but is hard for me and works little better than bulldogging anyway.

Any counter strats to this gambit would be very helpful - I wanna keep that sumo mojo strong vs. the shoto hordes…

Have you tried using the buttstomp at all? charge d, then u+k.

idk I don’t really play HF…

Well that’s why it’s a bad matchup for Honda. Only tip I can think to give is to get within range to trade a stand RH with a fireball for a knockdown + some advantage.

Thanks, I’ll try that some more - I didn’t think it would be quick enough. I also try to vary my range by jumping late trying to hit before their recovery or early so I can safe land into the block, but then I get baited into throwing my kick too soon outta arial fear and get hit when I land. But that’s the game eh?

Thanks again for the input.

Here are some things to try out:

Instead of jumping forward over the fireball, jump straight up.
If the fireballs become predictable, try to butt smash through it.
Honda’s standing short/forward/roundhouse are all knock down and have excellent reach.
If you’re within range, jump over fireball with HK - it has great reach.

Alright man, here’s the strategy.

When Honda is at 3/4 screen range, Ryu has to be careful because you can easily react to a fireball and hit him with a jumping roundhouse since the reach is far and the jump kick is low. Jumping straight up over a fireball is too risky for Honda. He’s too slow and big. You’ll have a headache with that strategy.

When you are full screen range, that’s when you are in trouble because your jumping roundhouse wont reach and shoto characters can cr round house you easily. What you have to do is some sacrificing. Do a buttsmah to get in position. Yes, most likely you will get hit, but at least you’ll be in position. Try to assert a moving foward position as best as you can.

Trade hits with his fireball in mid to close range. Detect his jump kick early with a standing fierce. The computer uses a pretty decent strategy against Ken and Ryu so try to learn a bit from that.

they key for honda is to sacrifice hits for positioning. What you do to take advantage of that positioning is all up to you and will determine how effective of a Honda player you are against Ken and Ryu.

Honda is a freaking monster if used correctly even against low end pros. My friend beasts with him against shotos, etc. The char that seems to negate him consistantly is Guile if played well. Ryu/Ken can pull it off if you change it up quite a bit, but not consistantly. From my viewpoint Honda in HF at least is a bit overpowered. Wayyyy too much priority/damage/grip.

Not saying he’s impossible just a pain.

He’s definitely a pain, unless he’s facing a really good Chun/Guile/Shoto. I don’t care how good you are with HF Honda, those characters have the potential (especially Chun) to shut the fat man down every time. I think the recent rash of Honda players on XBL has proliferated because of the lack of reaaaaly good zoners, which is what you’d find in a tournament setting.