HF Zangief thread

I just recently decided to pick up Zangief and have been practicing. I use Ryu a lot but I thought I’d add a second character to add some flavour and to make things more interesting when I’m playing other people (pretty nice if you can run things with Zangief).

I’m looking for some tips and knowledge. I’d like to know what his best normals are, especially for air defense, what his best combos are, how good the lariat is for air defense, and how you would rate each of his match-ups. Are his attacks and set-ups quite varied or do high level Gief players generally use a fairly limited bag of tricks?

Anything else HF Gief related you want to discuss would be cool too. Post HF Zangief vids as well if you want.

No character specific threads on FGD. Use the HF thread. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=113811