HFC4 + MKX Pad system mode PROBLEM!


Hi everyone,

So I’m having a huge brain fart with dual-modding a HFC4 PCB with an MKX Xbone pad. I have everything working already (including DPDT switch to go from one PBC to the other) the only problem are the SYSTEM MODES.

How do I install (wire) 1 SPDT switch to work for both PCBs? I currently have it setup like the image bellow but it is only working for PS4 to PS3 and vise versa, the Xbox side gets stuck on Xbox One and doesn’t switch over to 360. I have done this exact mod twice in the past ( about 11 months ago) but never took notes and can’t for the life of me remember how to set up the MODES to the SPDT switch.


Sorry, nevermind.


Figured it out… drew up a diagram for anyone that has the same issue. (Original images courtesy of Gummo)


Thank you for sharing!