HFC4 Unknown USB Device(device descriptor request failed) HELP!

Hey I was just playing flawlessly on my Hori Fighting Commander 4 then I stopped playing for a bit. Rebooted SFV and now it doesnt recognize my controller? It doesnt make sense because I was just playing on it!

I plug in my MLG TE stick and it works fine and gets recognized, but for some reason my HFC4 doesnt get recognized anymore…

It says; “Unknown USB Device(device descriptor request failed)”

Any insight would help, Thanks!!

Hard to say, but I think the USB cable could be damaged in your Hori Fighting Commander 4.

Try the controller out on your PC in both PS3 and PS4 modes.
Move around and manipulate the cord, if the controller disconnects or reconnects as you move the cord, there is a break or short in the cord.

just checked mine and it works fine. check the cable maybe?