HFS2 buttons...

Hi there,

I’m an owner of two HFS2 units for the PS2. Definitely not as good as the HRAPs, but hey, didn’t realise that until I bought it. The joystick was completely unusable (due to the large neutral zone), so I’ve modded that.

However, although most people dislike the HFS2 buttons (i.e. the semiconductor ones) but I seem to find they’re acceptable when playing the fighting games. The only thing I dislike about them is the fact that they has stupid colours for the middle 4 buttons, and I’ve actually used all the grey ones (4 from one unit and 4 from the other unit) on one unit and it looks much better.

I’m just wondering whether anyone out there has modded a HFS2, and decided they don’t want the semiconductor buttons anymore (specifically the grey ones) and wouldn’t mind parting with them to give me. I’m more than happy to pay for shipping, and a small price for the buttons themselves too.

Let me know!

~ Allo

Wow, no-one has done ANY HFS2 modding?

i think most people just chuck em after.

I have 7 buttons from the HRAP2 that I no longer want. They are the red snap-in’s that come in there stock, I switched them out with Sanwa’s the first day I owned it. Send me a PM if those would work for you. Aside from the color difference they should be the same buttons as found in the HFS2.

Thanks for your response, but actually the HRAP buttons aren’t the same as the HFS2 unfortunately.

Has anyone else done any HFS2 modding?

Check with Paik4Life about modding HFS2s, he did one a while back.

im gonna mod my FS3 and i wont need the buttons,

want em?

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I’m not sure whether the buttons from the FS3 are the same as that from the FS2 though. When you do mod your FS3, let me know, k? Thanks a bunch!

ill take a picture when i take em out.

Thanks man. Really appreciated. Had a quick look at Play-Asia.com and it appears that the buttons are different though, so this may be an issue…