HFS2 modification! Help needed!


I am in desperate need of help! I just received the parts I need to modify the HFS2, but I know NOTHING about modding sticks at this point in time.

Firstly, how do you mount the joystick component (Sanwa JLF) to the casing? Also, in terms of direction of the joystick, which way is up? The joystick component seems symmetrical in all aspects, expect one side has a 5-pin connector coming out of it.

Secondly, the HFS2 originally had 8 wires coming from the PCB, two grey (for the right direction box detector thingy), two yellow (for the up box), two white (for the left), and two red (for down). Yet, the 5-pin cable has only 5 wires. Where do you solder these 5 wires to on the PCB?

Sorry for asking such stupid questions, but I am great need of help here!


I believe thats because each has their own ground wired separately to the stick microswitches.

and the sanwa JLF stick has only 1 ground for all four directions, so just follow the wire from the original stick to the PCB and observe wich ones go to the same place, am pretty sure 4 of thosee wires are soldered to the same place on the PCB wich would mean that is the ground.:sweat:


Thanks for your help Hanz0. How do I know which colour wire corresponds to which direction on the joystick? There are 5 colours - red, orange, yellow, green and black. I assume the black would be the ground? What are each of the other ones for?



I was wondering whether you could tell me which 4 of the 8 wires are actually grounds. If you look at the left of the PCB, you will see 8 wires running down the side. The first two wires are grey which connect to the R3 part of the PCB, the next two are yellow and connect to R4, the next two are white and connect to R5, and the last two are red which connect to R6. I’ve actually used a black marker to mark the wires which came from the C component of the microswitch, and the one that is unmarked comes from the NC component of the microswitch. Which ones are grounds?

Theoretically, I shouldn’t need to do any soldering at all, should I? I could use the 4 NON-GROUND existing wires connecting the microswitch and PCB and connect them directly to the wires from the Sanwa joystick (and hold it together with some electric tape) and would only need to connect the black ground wire from the Sanwa stick to just one of the 4 GROUND wires, since they would all run to the same place on the PCB anyway (as HanzO pointed out), right?


The easy way to tell is see which half of the switch is connected to the half of the other switches. You can see the traces themselves on the board. See how the right half of SW1 has a trace that goes to the right half of SW2, and the left half SW3 and SW4? That’s the common line, and for most sticks, thats ground.

If you look the same way at the R3 through R6, you’ll see one of the pair going all by its lonesome all the way to the IC. The other half goes and connects with the other halves from the other three. Those are the common lines. Hint: R6 is the opposite of R3-R5.

So for your 5 pin Sanwa connector, you now know which is the ‘real’ line for that switch, and which is the common. Wire those four real lines up to the direction on the Sanwa. Pick one of the common lines and wire that to ground on the Sanwa connector.

And for the love of god, shrink that image down some please.


Thanks guys. Managed to get the electronics side of it working. I just have to mount the joystick onto the casing now. Does anyone have any idea how to actually mount the joystick?