HHS Priority



How much priority does Honda’s HHS have over normal moves? Can it be used as a wake-up move when somebody is right next to you without a throw or a sweep getting through?



When I do his Lv.1 headbutt super. If they block all the hits then I follow up with his HHS. I remember my opponents knocking me out if it at times but I haven’t really fully confirmed if it’s guaranteed for chippin off their guard meter or what not.

It’s great to use after a small jump. I usually use small jump foward/crossup foward or fierce into HHS. Good chip damage.

Still I dunno if it has priority. Because i’m stuck on abusing his L. headbutt.


hmmm, cant u rc HHS? im thinkin its possible since blanka has an rc elec. but then iste execution amost like rc elec?

sry if its aready been discussed


Yeah, you can RC HHS. It’s a real bitch to deal with.


ahh i see, is the execution similar t0 blankas rc elec?

ps. nice avatar havoc, where u get the running sak? u got a painting vega?


Guys , What is a HHS?


hundred hand slap.


RCing his HHS and his Flying headbutt. Thats not all you can rely on with honda. His flying headbutt is a very reliable AAA move. i prefer is jab and maybe his strong versions as his best AAA. Also his flying butt comes in handy against FB crazy ppl.