Hi any solid gen wanna stream when playing gen?

i just want watch an solid gen play since they not much updated video of gen .

I’m down to be apart of it. I’m on PSN though

hi guys i am streaming so if you guys wanna watch , i am streaming for about 10 hours from now :slight_smile:


10… hours?? :expressionless:

Very cool stuff, Xian!

nice xian it was fun to watch u play

I wish I could afford the equipment to record or stream fights :frowning:

I wish I could afford the equipent to watch streams :frowning:

ty nubbb i only could watch like 2 -3 tube of u playing on internet and i would love to watch more video of u playing more eg more utube video or stream if u can set it up when u play and stream .time/data

I might start streaming. The only reason I don’t is because I don’t have a HDMI powered Splitter. I’m borrowing one but I’m giving it back soon.

ok i sure every1 looking forward to it if u are streaming legendary kiryu give time/date and timezone this sam phan anyway lol

To all streamers, give date and time at least a day or two earlier so that nobody that wants to watch misses them.

**Streaming now !! **http://www.twitch.tv/crosscounterasiaJoin and watch me play japanese xbox players !!


I’m no one important and very crappy, but anyway… I’ve been streaming for a while at www.twitch.tv/ribx

Quality in terms of res is horrible, but the stream is relatively smooth. Had to reduce the quality to have 0 fps drops and no lag at all.
I rarely play good players, so you won’t learn anything from watching me play. But hey, since it’s rare to see a Gen playing… Here it is.

Can’t state a time for when I usually stream. I just do it when I feel like playing the game. It’s random.
Either way, gonna do it now.

Streaming now.
Gen mirror.

I’m watching a few matches Theorical.

i need a avi to hdmi converter so i can play on my monitor since i don’t play fighting games on my tv. still waiting for the pc patch, but once either of those happen. i start streaming my matches. i know my buddy yanu rufus has a first to 5 set with me on the pc version on his channel. that was like a week before the xbox patch came out. I did better then i usually do against him. i lost 5-3 him.

also note my quality crappy until i get my new computer. it still watchable but you won’t be able to read anything.

edit: yea i tried streaming the xbox on my tv. never doing that again so like i said no streaming gen for me until pc patch or i buy a converter so i can hook up my capture card to my monitor.