Hi Columbus Ohio :)

I just wanted to introduce myself , I am Paul CEO of Big City tourneys in Ohio I hold monthly tournaments for Madden, SF4, ROCKBAND, 2K9.

I’ve been doing this about 2 yrs (mostly Madden) I am named the number 4th place in the Nation in hold tourneys in Ohio.

I am a big SF fan and play if often,I am holding my very first SF4 tourney this Sunday April 19th at 12:30 at our sponsors facility Rush creek Sports bar & grill which is open to all.

I know most of you are thinking “oh whos this guy some joker thinking he can runs tourneys” and I totally respect that b/c I am new to your scene.But all I ask is you come check us out one time before you judge.Let me show you guys (SF community)
That I know what I am doing and I’m very willing to take suggestions to make it better for YOU!

I’m holding a SF4 tourney this Sunday at 12:30 which you can see all the info here http://www.bigcitytourney.com/strf.html

We will be holding a tourney every month so I hope you all can make it out to one of them.

Thanks alot my brotha’s cant wait to meet you all!!