Hi-Def Sprite thread (first post updated! 1/9)


i’m following pootnannies’s tutorial, trying to make one of those. It’s not finished, but it’s seeming off to me…i’m probably taking a wrong patch somewhere. Can you guys give me some advice/critique? I’m new to this (and doing it with a mouse :p)


i recommend you first do it exactly like the original sprite so you have an insight on to why it looks the way it does and how that makes it likeable. that means using the same original colors, not just for the bigger areas of pixels like his clothing and shadows but also any outlines and detail lines (make sure that’s on a separate layer so you can change it later).

because you’re remaking it in much higher definition than the original, your lines will be much thinner and harder to see. it probably needs to be more dynamic so you may want to stray away from the original and use darker colors on his definition lines (clothing folds, muscle definition, etc.). this will make the thinness of the detail lines pop out more instead of fading in too much with everything else. if the end result seems that those lines pop out too much and you don’t like it, just go back to the line art layer and recolor those lines to a slightly lighter color than previous (or try with a thicker line). because this is a KOF sprite and lacks definitive outlines and detail lines, you need to pay special attention to the shadows because those will show the illusion of overlapping.

it can be hard to interpret low definition pixel art from up close. i noticed that in the final outline, his right shoulder/deltoid is not like the original or at least what the original seems to suggest and looks unnatural and pointy. try to smooth it out a bit. i’m also noticing something similar with his right hand. hands can be hard to draw so you may want to use reference. it might help to zoom out while retracing and see the illusion of what the original pixels are trying to convey for stuff like the face and hands, then go in close to see what needs to be changed.

it doesn’t look too bad so far so it’s ok if you don’t get it just right in your first attempt. keep trying and you’ll figure out what you don’t like about it and why. the tutorials i put up are mostly for sf2 and 3 sprites but can be used for just about any sprite. even still, there are areas where there is no real formula to follow and you’ll have to try to figure it out on instinct. it can be a trial and error sort of thing so just keep at it :tup:


just get my hands in some images from the planning phase of “under night in-birth” (the new game from the developers of melty blood). Some of those are from a trailer, others from a guide handbook and some from their streams.


The final sprites that have gone in the game are a little more detailed in light/shadows, and have some anti-aliasing…but those 2 are still somewhat “weak points”. Maybe they have determined that it would be too time consuming. Still interesting to give a look


So, what happened?

The artists of this thread are all dead or this thread moved out and I don’t know?


we all died


This is sad, Poot, I loved to see all drawings of the artists. ):

I was taking a look on your tutorial and it gave me a crazy will to try, and I tried.

I found the old gif in another forum and it became a idea. Back in time I loved Super Mario World, so then I decided to do it.
Take a look:

Old Sprite:
Direct link

New, by me:
Direct Link (Link updated, no more NSFW!)

As you can see, the old one is without Bowser and without the wink animation. Sorry, I used the old gif from the other forum without editing it. The gif has some problems, but that is because my Adobe Flash wasn’t working, so I used an Online Gif Creator.

This is my 1st attempt, so hints and feedback are appreciated! (:


i’m going through so much personal and health problems that i wish i could keep this thread going :frowning:

first things first: you should repost that second link because there are porn ads on the top and bottom of the sprite.

as far as tips go, try to not use black outlines unless they are really thin because the shadows on the sprite aren’t cel shaded. i would change the outline to a darker green first like the OG sprite and then go through and change the outline to something like a darker version of the color it’s outlining. you don’t want the outline to take all the attention like it is right now.

i noticed there is some jumpiness in the animation. how about making him bob up and down slowly. at the peak of his bobs, up and down, use a lot more frames so it looks more natural when coming to a stop before bobbing in the other direction.

i’m liking the blinking from Bowser and the machine so i don’t think you need to change anything there. the shadows are a little too soft and gradient and can take away from the “cartoon” look of the sprite but if you change the outlines to very thin and less noticeable, i think it will still work out.

i’m glad you are still contributing and i hope you continue to get better. if you need anymore advice just hit this thread up and i’ll do my best to help. peace :tup:


Fun thing: I don’t even have a idea of why but the site rated as NSFW and put it together with the others +18 pics. Well, I really find this crazy. I deleted the file and uploaded again, lets see.

I tried to keep the cartoonish look of the Super Mario World, but I tried to combine with a realist looking colors and shades. As you can see, that really didn’t worked fine. But, how could I make the sprite in HD without all the smooth? It wouldn’t become worst?
I was thinking in make the animation bouncing, since a vehicle like that wouldn’t have stability. Buuuuut, my Adobe Flash is crashing, so I will need to wait some time. Thanks for all advices, I will take a break on that sprite and later I get back, because then I don’t get bored.

Hey, I have some little questions and I would be glad if you gave me your opinion:

1 - If you would launch a HD Sprited Fighting game, what would be the average proportions of EACH sprite? I think that if you did an entire character as your Mai remake, it would be a huge game (not for the work, but for the engine handle it).

2 - Do you think that is necessary put a signature on each sprite/image that you do? I don’t, but this made me think a while.

3 - Can you explain me the use of soft shadows as your Mai remake? I don’t know where I should use and where don’t.

Sorry about using your Mai remake for explain everything, it is my personal favorite :J


thanks for fixing the link.

1- i’m not sure, probably around the same size on screen as 3rd Strike but i’m not sure about the pixel count. the sprite technique i used on Mai can be scaled easily but i wouldn’t want it too small. i would also probably use 4:3.
2- i’ve seen people use some of the sprites i’ve done on other sites but the sprite isn’t mine to begin with. i mostly retraced what the original artists did but in HD. i probably would use a signature on something original though.
3- it’s hard to explain but i’ll try. if you look at a cone, the widest part should have more secondary shadow then the narrowest part. sort of imagine the character in cones. for example, the thigh would have a bigger secondary shadow area than the knee. some parts are much harder so you just have to experiment.

i noticed all my pics from imageshack are gone. this sucks :confused:


I know that this thread is almost dead, but I think that would be good if we got all remakes that still online and put it all in a new thread. What do you think, poot?
Maybe call some artists, too. Would be perfect see all this going on again. I still don’t get it as suddenly everyone stopped posting, almost synchronized. This still bother me to the day. Oh, BTW, I accompanied the thread 5 years ago. Good times.

As in my 1st question, don’t you think that if each sprite had more or less 550 x 720 pixels the engine would overload and begin to lag out?


i’m not sure but it sounds like a giant sprite. the method i used in most of my HD sprites was with anti-aliasing so it should down-scale and still look good, to a lighter size for memory.

i think one of the reasons people stopped posting in here was because of SF4. we were all waiting for that and playing HD Remix in the meantime. HD Remix is what inspired me to create this thread because i believe that visually, that game could have been better.
it would be nice if people came back but it’s a lot of work that goes into each sprite and people are getting more and more interested in 3D visuals.


Don’t know if someone already posted, but it wasn’t linked in the first post. Just finded this artist in pixiv that make some really cool sprites in kofXII-XIII style.

there’s even some samples of the shadowing

edit: looking better, there was a super old one from him in the first post, but the link is broken. I’m pretty sure it was this one http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=1861830


yes there was something from him posted a long time ago but these are better. thanks for the update :tup:


6sec, one of the artists of french bread, have been uploading some videos of him drawing some sprites.
he have a personal site/ too, in case someone want to skip the video and just see the final products in "gallery"
the process is very interesting for me. Even if the video was accelerated 10 times, it still get done way too fast


Damn! That Iori sprite is pimp!


So here’s this thing I made a while ago.

First is original, second is mine (Which obviously needs more frames, but that’s more work!)


hi. she appears squished on Imgur, not as tall as the original sprite. looks pretty good though. maybe have her finger that’s moving, animate slower or at a different time than the cloth animation? it looks like her finger is blowing with the wind a bit.


Ripped Ryu HD [Realistic] SF2 Sprite:


It’s been a while but here.



I actually just did one myself. This is Samus from Metroid 1’s best ending. I took some liberties with the character design though.