Hi, does anyone know how to get Fightstick TE to work with Winkawaks? 1.60 -Win7 x64


Hello, I just purchased a Madcatz Fightstick TE for use mainly with SF4 but I’m also really wanting to use it with winkawaks and unfortunately it seems when I select “redefine keys” it doesn’t register any movements or keypresses on my fight-stick…

Windows 7x64, installed the drivers automatically as soon as I plugged my fight stick in.

Anyone know what the problem is? Do I have to do something extra, I heard about XBCD drivers and hacking the driver-signing etc, but I’m not sure if that relates to me as it seems Win7 installed drivers already?

Any help would be most appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks


did a quick search and found this thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=175047

Hopefully it has the answers you need.


Thanks but I’m not having problems having Windows recognize the stick, in fact I can play SF4 just fine… It’s just Winkawaks won’t recognize it, and oddly enough neither will Xpadder !? :looney:


have you loaded the file first? When the game starts, then you can configure the keys for the controller.


Sorry about that, I guess I didn’t read that properly. :wonder:


Yep loaded the file and no go… funny thing is I actually purchased Xpadder and it seems to work (except for a few issues) mainly for some reason the 2 bottom buttons simply won’t recognize when playing… While setting them up they light up, but as soon as I exit that dialogue it’s a no go… errrr lol


Gonna bump this thread because I’m having the same issue. Got Winkawaks running on my pc, Win 7 professional, but can’t get it working with my MvC 360 TE stick. Here’s the weird thing, I figured I’d bypass winkawaks and use joy2key to remap things myself which works, for the buttons at least. Every button responds perfectly, but joy2key won’t recognize the sanwa stick. I’ve tried all three settings with the stick, left and right analog and d-pad, no go. The d-pad setting shows when I go into the stick properties in control panel, so it works fine. I get the little red arrow matching the stick movement, and every button responds in the test mode. But I haven’t found a way to make it work outside of the settings menu. I’ve got a hrap se at home, I’ll see if it likes a semeitsu stick better, can’t see how it would make any difference at all though. Anyone using winkawaks with a madcatz stick?


Bumping this again because I can’t find anyone else with this problem, and I’m having the same problem.


Is it a PS3 stick? I’m pretty sure there’s some funky hardware workaround necessary for it.


Nope, it’s a 360 stick. It’s recognized by windows 7 and all the buttons respond in the windows configuration and stuff, but when I go into Kawaks, load the game, go to redefine controls, it doesn’t recognize any of the inputs. >_<