Hi everyone, my name is skeletorg

i was curious if any of the nice people would allow me to follow them for 22 hours a day at evo? i feel uncomfortable venturing out of my safe zone by myself and all of my “friends” are ditching me to be with my other “friends” who are ditching me.

also, any advice on how to cope in awkward situations with hundreds of people when you are alone would be nice too.

thanks for reading and i look forward to some constructive replies from the friendly gents/ladies that post here.

if you could carry a bar of soap around that would be gr8 (great)

Just do what Kai does. Duck everybody and find a tranny to hang out with.

Can you confirm you don’t have a criminal record?

What are you doing with your other two hours?

yes, if needed although i fail to see how that is relevant.

what kind of person masturbates in public?

It’s relevant because if you are a convicted murderer, I probably don’t want to hang out with you. Just saying, it’s useful.

Wow…at the last post. Too bad these topics never involve cute chicks.

if i was a convicted murderer and had intentions of murdering do you think i would need to make requests for a companion just to find a random john to kill? think about that.

I’ll be busy avoiding you :smiley:

I was in the same boat as you at one point so i’ll give some suggestions.

  1. Meet up with some players in your area, get to know them, and find out if any of them are going to EVO. This should solve most of your problems.

  2. While you’re there just talk to random people and have random conversations with them. Even if you’re just sitting down watching matches on the bigscreen talk to the guy next to you about the matches. After doing this for awhile you’ll start becoming more open around other people.

This post isn’t serious is it?

Bravo! Perfect setup, perfect delivery! BRAVO!!!


You are aware that serial killers dont really make sense with what they do right?


do you still love me?

do you still sound like beetlejuice?

will i get to meet you at EVO this year? I think 60 million people need to meet you.

hi dsp, how are you doing buddy? it’s nice to hear from you. i thought you died. you were my first… so i will love you until i am underground

i’m not going to evo because kai is a fucking bitch. but, if you’re trying to make me famous we might have to work something out. 60 million people is alot. get at me and we can make it happen.

the infamous skeletorg. i remeber you from when u were doin the bunk interview on alphaism radio. PUZZLE BOBBLE NIGGA!