Hi everyone!


I’ve been a long time reader off and on, but with SSF4 coming up next week, I felt that I should become more active in the community. I used to play games regularly with my buddies in college, but am now 3 years into the settling down with my little lady. Just wanted to extend my hand and say hello to the community that symbolizes the best years of my gaming experiences.



oh fuck we got other one


So in your time as a “long time reader” did you not see any other introductory threads and learn not to do one?


pics of little lady plz


I mostly just read the street fighter threads. :frowning:




I guess I won’t fault you because you dont seem like dumbass(most people who make these threads are)… just that these get trolled to hell… and its a horrible, horrible idea to make one…


braces for impact


This guy has obviously lurked SRK because he knows exactly what most members here want.

Also having a whole page of warnings about getting trolled kind of dilutes the getting trolled and the humor…


Don’t worry… we’ll get a whole new influx of dumbasses when SSFIV comes out tbh I’m not really looking forward to it…falls asleep on railroad tracks