Hi from Italy


I don’t know if it’s the right section but I will post it anyways xD.

I am Magellan, the director of Impel Down ^_^. My doku-doku no mi will pwn you all xD.
Ok, stop blabbing. I am a fairly new 2D player, since I come from Tekken saga that is a 3D Fighting game.

I am here to learn as much as possible about Street Figher and to became a good SF player.

I was lurking some info during the past but I ratherly suck about this game so I decided to come here, show my poison and ask to all of you to help a poor noob to became a better player ^_^.

Right now I am studying Boxer (I know there are some issue with jap version that calls him M.Bison so I will call him like that xD) and, in practice at least, I can do most of his combo consistently. When it comes to play online, of course, I drop everything since I am not familiar with this kind of timing online.

Well, if you want to teach me something about this game just add me on my psn account (no I haven’t a Xbl) and, if you want obviously, we can do some practice sessions with headset ^_^. I am writing here, especially, for this purpose: play with lots of guys to practice with and learn something from them and let you know my psn id --> InFeCtEd_InSiDe.

Thanks for your attention guys ^_^.


…Trouble…if you would do the honors…


forget online, find people in your area to play with and start running tournaments. all need is your console, a good monitor, and a laptop to use challonge to run brackets, and record and stream the matches to help your scene level up. Been doing it weekly for over a month in detroit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9cjARPQOz8#aid=P9JD4qYKAxQ


I apologize to you but I haven’t understood what do you meant, sorry again.

Man I would like to do this but I start to play seriously… ehm… 3 months ago? And I have found my main like a week ago ^^.

Since I won’t be a weight for anyone, I would like to know how to improove basics in practice by myself so I can go off for a while and study :slight_smile:


welcome to SRK and the world of StreetFighter Magellan :slight_smile:


Here is a link for regional matchmaking:

Go to your character forums for questions about your character.

Use this forum for questions about general game play/mechanics not unique to your character

@VolcanicAkuma55: lol be nice. people dont always know better just direct them


Thank you very much for your kindness ^_^.


Welcome to SRK. If you are looking for other players, please use the matchmaking links provided.

We don’t usually do introduction threads at SRK. If you have any gameplay related questions, you’re welcome to come back and post them up.